How Much Is Window Replacement Cost?

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Here Are Factors That Influence Window Replacement Cost.

You searched for ‘window replacement cost,’ and your search landed you here. There is a high probability that you are thinking about replacing those aging windows with the new ones, but you didn’t know exactly how much the new windows would cost you. It is good to understand the costs you will incur since window replacement should be done once and in phases and stay for long without thinking about replacing them. However, you should bear in mind that the window replacement cost is not only the factor determining your decision. There are other factors that you ought to factor in too. At the end of it all, your project’s cost will be influenced by the type of installation, glass style, style of window, and window sizes.

Window Replacement Cost

Installation Types

We have two major installation types: retrofit and full-frame replacement. Retrofit installation involves installing a new window into the presently existing wooden frame. If you go for a retrofit installation, you will maintain your current casing and the brickmould, the central external part. With this type of structure, you can cover the existing brickmould with caulk or aluminum.

Full frame installation- this type of replacement involves the complete replacement of the window, brickmoulds, and the frames except for the wall studs. It is a preferred installation if you can afford it since it brings a significant change to the entire structure. It ensures that any cracked or rotten parts are removed and replaced with new ones. It also implies a brand new brickmould and a new casing as well. As a result, a lot of labor is needed, and it involves a lot of material. The window replacement cost for full-frame replacement is higher by 10-15% compared to retrofit installation.

Window Designs Determine Window Replacement Cost

This is yet another important factor that influences the cost of replacing windows. It is with no doubt that awning and casement windows are more expensive thanks to their safety elements and a superior seal. The range for these two windows can be 8-12% on average, compared to horizontal and vertical sliding windows. Note that other options such as colors, glass options, and grilles may not be the leading players in determining window cost, but they affect the ultimate price.

Average Prices for Replacing Windows

Since many determinants affect the final price of windows, it is hard to develop an exact figure, but we can give average estimates.

  • The kitchen and bedroom range is $800-$1600.
  • The Bay and bow windows range is $2800-$4500.
  • The living room windows range is $1800-$3000.
  • Basement windows range is $450-$800
  • Patio door prices range is $1800-$2200.

While it may not be hard to determine the average window replacement cost for a project, different factors come into play. If you consider them carefully can come up with a more accurate figure.

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