Top 10 Most Common Mistakes That Android Developers Make

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Not Preparing For Updates

An essential component of making and sustaining a successful app that people won’t delete from their phones after a week is software updates. If you’re new to app development, you might not be familiar with the benefits of updating mobile apps.

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You can add new features to revitalize your app, reconfigure existing features, and more with software updates. No matter what you’re trying to achieve with your app, there’s always room for improvement, and updates will help your app grow effectively over time.

Not Listening To User Reviews

When you launch your app on the Play Store, users that download your product can and will rate your app out of five stars and leave written reviews as well. These are crucial to your app’s success, as the potential customers will always look at an app’s reviews before downloading. Often, existing app users will use the reviews to point out key issues with your app, so you need to interact with them and solve their queries. This will also on your business and how it deals with its users.

Not Testing the App Properly

Before you release your app to the market, you need to ensure it is free of any bugs or issues that could hamper your end-users experience. Testing and evaluating the app’s performance through prototype and MVP development stages can help you identify and iron out problems before it’s released to the public, which will make for a better user experience in the end.

Making an App that Takes Up Too Much Space

It would be best if you kept in mind Android phones because there is no set standard for the amount of space an Android device will have. Because of this, your app’s performance can vary depending on the user’s device. To ensure you can capture the widest possible target demographic, you need to make your app compact in size. If a user is running low on space, your app’s small size can save it from being uninstalled.

Developing for Too Many Devices

Android is a versatile operating system. It can be implemented in mobile phones and tablets and smartwatches, TVs, and even cars! However, you can’t use the same design layout for all these devices, as these all have varying specifications. To ensure your app is a high-quality one, you should develop it with one platform in mind only and optimize the layout to fit that format.

Following the Mobile Website

If you already have a mobile website that works well on smartphones, it can be tempting to port it over to your app and be done with it. However, this will severely limit the number of features and functions your app can provide end-users. A mobile app can be so much more than an enhanced version of your existing website, and you need to develop the app with features unique to the platform to ensure quality and success.

Copying iOS Designs

A common mistake inexperienced users still make is thinking Apple and iOS apps are still the gold standard for designing apps. This might have held before, but now Android devices are so varied and unique that a single format just won’t cut it. iOS apps are designed for standard screen size and set of features, while Android devices are diverse in this aspect. Develop your app accordingly, and avoid copying design ideas from iOS as they won’t be applicable.

Not Adapting the Design to Different Devices

As mentioned previously, you need to have flexibility and adaptability in your app design choices to use Android devices’ varying screen sizes and specs effectively. It would help if you had different feature placements and UIs for phones with a 5-inch screen versus phones with a 6.5-inch screen, for example.

Not Learning from Others

One thing that will definitely give you a head start is basing your app’s design on a leading Android app from within the same sector. For example, if you’re building an online shopping app, you can take a look at Amazon or Wal-Mart for inspiration and see which key features they offer.

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