The eleven quality apps in your new Android phone

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So you just were given a brand new Android cellphone. You’ve probably become it on, logged into a gaggle of apps, downloaded your favorites — Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and so forth. — and logged into all of them as properly. But now it’s time to dive a little bit deeper. If you’re setting up a telephone for the primary time, right here are eleven apps really worth downloading that you would possibly have overlooked.

We’ve rounded up our favorite and most-used apps and utilities for the generation we use each day. Check out our other choices for iPhones, Android phones, PCs, and Macs. We’ve also listed our favorite games for iOS and Android from these 12 months and our pinnacle selections for PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.

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I’ll be the primary to admit that using a password manager is more excellent work than the usage of the equal, smooth-to-type password time and again and all over again. But it’s no longer that much more paintings when you get used to it, and it makes your bills tons greater relaxed. Plus, these apps make all of it noticeably clean, in particular now that Android Oreo lets them robotically fill usernames and passwords into login paperwork. Just keep in thoughts: you’ll need to begin using those apps on the computing device, too. 1Password is my favorite (it’s a bit easier to apply), but LastPass has a free version that isn’t lacking anything crucial so that it can be the only first of all.


Android doesn’t come with a built-in podcast app, so if you need one, you’ll go to the Play Store. But happily, there’s a superb one there: Pocket Casts. We’ve referred to this app as the exceptional podcast app for Android within the beyond and with an excellent purpose. It’s nicely designed, easy to use, and includes superior features — like sped-up playback and silence elimination — if you’re into that type of stuff. The app charges $4; that’s not anything compared to the hours you’ll spend being attentive to podcasts in it.


There’s no end to the range of climate apps. However, it’s tough to overcome Weather Timeline on the layout, mainly regarding the app’s widget. It’s colorful and customizable, and especially, it’s easy to read. More importantly, it makes use of Dark Sky’s records so that you get the blessings of Dark Sky’s specific rain detection without purchasing Dark Sky. (That stated, it’s worth buying Dark Sky too — nothing beats it for figuring out exactly when it’s going to begin and stop raining.) The app costs $1.49.


If you’re a genuinely severe Twitter person, Flamingo is the app for you. The large deal here is that it’s fantastically customizable. For one, you could customize the coloration of every principal element of the app and create your very own subject matter, which is totally useless; however a fantastic contact. On a more beneficial notice, you can customize the feeds you’re able to swipe via on the house display — so I should add a specific list or a search if I desired to. The app additionally has a built-in “study later” characteristic and an in-depth muting gadget for customers and keywords. There’s a ton extra flexibility than that, and its most effective fees $2.

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I actually have a love-hate relationship with VSCO, but I have to admit that it has the best image filters around. It has an overwhelming breadth of exact options that’ll make your snapshots appear in the direction of the movie masterpieces you anticipated them as. It has a few simple modifying gears built-in beyond that to finish up your post-processing work. The downside to VSCO is that the employer in the back of it insists on converting its interface in new and confusing ways each couple of months. Some of the displays and icons are completely inscrutable. But the filters are so suitable you must address them.


This is Google’s different electronic mail app. It isn’t a significant departure from Gmail. However, it has several on-hand functions that make life a little more convenient if you often locate yourself with a crowded inbox. Inbox robotically sorts many emails into agencies so that you can scroll right beyond promotional emails and other matters the app deems less important and attention to the messages you really need to read.

While shopping for smartphones, human beings have distinct requirements in mind. There are fee-powerful Android phones that fit the wishes of a budget patron. And then there are smartphones for folks who decide upon buying products with superb specs and speedy performance. An intelligent purchase is a smartphone of superior exceptional at a wiser mid-variety fee. A perfect version design to don’t forget maybe a five. 5-inch steel frame with capacitive Android keys and proximity sensors.

Advanced Smartphone Features

However, a standard patron usually specializes in few simple specifications in his or her telephone of desire. The foremost features that she or he appears for in a phone cover an Octa-middle Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 processor, four GB RAM, and quicker fingerprint unlocking. Another crucial highlight in an Android phone may be dual-engine charging that accommodates controller chips. It works to price the battery faster and is together with a FunTouch OS 2.5 overlay design that appears like iOS.

Price as opposed to Choice

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As some distance, a 13 MP lens fulfills each motive with a single-tone LED flash because the camera is involved. If your phone has beneficiant RAM, you’ve got a scope of walking multiple apps at an identical time without affecting performance. Apart from memory, people need slimmer smartphones with a full metallic body. It is even better if your phone has an Octa-Core Snapdragon processor coupled with 4GB RAM, which is sufficient to boost stability and increase the pace.

Performance and camera aside, all people need a product that guarantees durability. Sure, a five. The five-inch display allows. So does a digital camera that gives the excellent video and picture-viewing revel in. However, what is also required is enough storage space. For example, a 32GB ROM available up to 128GB pretty quickly takes the cake. Whilst to be had in a charge variety of INR 25000, all this is what a purchaser virtually asks for.

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