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After months of waiting for Verizon to launch the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, it ultimately landed the ultimate week (after some delays). The net hype for the Galaxy Nexus had made this device out to be the unicorn of Android; it would do and be the whole lot that everyone could have ever desired in a phone. When it launched, Verizon had a body of workers that became unorganized, insufficient inventory, and a few career hiccups to make matters more extraordinarily tough. However, despite all the challenges, the tool has made its way into the fingers of keen buyers, bloggers, and critiques are starting to be available, and anyone has their opinion. Some evaluations are primarily based on what shoppers expected the tool to be; some are based on what buyers desired the device to be. After two weeks with the Galaxy Nexus as our everyday motive force, we felt that it Was sooner or later time to throw our hat into the ring and can help you realize definitively what our impression of the pure Google Galaxy Nexus telephone is.


The Verizon Galaxy Nexus comes in a direct white field (vanilla even). Within the container is the simple purple lining and, of a route, the tool itself. Accompanying the device is an 1850 battery, a well-known micro-USB charger, headphones, and a guidance manual.

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Initial Impressions:

Upon beginning the container, you notice what you have been watching for many months—the Verizon version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Just looking for the tool, your Preliminary effect is WOW that the display screen is Big. You take it out of the field and experience it to your palms, and you can’t wait to look at what is lurking beneath its curved outdoors.

Once you switch the tool on, you’re greeted with a new boot collection that takes Many queues from the Honeycomb boot sequence. The boot sequence itself shows off the skills of the First-rate AMOLED display. The blacks are black; the colors are vivid and vibrant. After the booting, you get your first taste of Ice Cream sandwiches and how the Android OS will deal with your enjoyment to any extent.



Once you get past the display length and hues, the primary element you observe is how light the Galaxy Nexus is to your hands. It is no longer mild in a reasonably-priced feeling way, But in an, I can’t believe how mild This is in my arms. The smartphone additionally fits on your hand higher than you will assume, knowing that it has a 4.  sixty-five” display screen. I used to be watching for it to experience huge and awkward; however, while not having to have an area for hard keys, the cellphone isn’t more gigantic than it desires to be, and the curved layout makes it feel Just right within the hand. The display screen and weight of the telephone are Simply two elements of the phone that make up a tool that appears as Samsung designers went above and beyond to supply a Hardware experience that hasn’t been seen or felt before.

The Body:

There are easy, difficult buttons on the tool’s sides; the usual quantity rocker and the right have the energy/standby button at the left aspect. The lowest of the device has the Micro-USB port and the headphone jack. Aside from that, the tool is smooth lines all around the lining of the device.

The Back:

The Again panel is something of a piece of discussion right now. It’s now not a traditional rugged plastic (or kevlar) guard piece, and it is a flexible snap-in piece that of the device feels almost flimsy. As soon as the SIM card and battery are in location and you snap the Returned in the vicinity, it feels more muscular than you can consider on its own. Also, the Again has mild diamond ridges ihat hold it from feeling slippery or weak. Towards the palm of your hand, you know it’s there, and on your hands, you comprehend it’s not going to slip or slide out like A number of the “smooth” backs on phones like the Thunderbolt or the unique Droid. You furthermore may have the 5MP rear-facing digicam with LED flash; we’ll do a full digicam write-up separately But suffice tit o mention that coming from the 8MP shooter in the HTC Thunderbolt, I used to be initially concerned with what my pictures were going to appear to be, after per week with the cell phone, I haven’t any purpose of holding round a factor and shooting digital camera anymore.

 The Front:

The Front of the Galaxy Nexus is dominated by its four. Sixty-five” curved glass screen. The in-name speaker (the most effective smash on the easy floor), the proximity sensor (underneath the glass), and the Front facing digicam is on the top of the device. The bottom of the face, hidden underneath the glass, is a notification LED, which takes a piece of getting used to as it’s miles a departure from the same old pinnacle proper notification indicator. Right now, it lights up white when you contact any notification (textual content, overlooked name, and so on). However, I can see developers trying their messages to the led and, with a bit of luck, changing the shade or the blink price. Overall, the Front appears sleek and elegant, and Just displaying it to human beings makes them forestall and pay interest.

The guts:

The Galaxy Nexus is powered by a twin-core 1.2GHz, with 1GB of RAM and 32GB of onboard storage. It does now not function as an SD or Micro-SD card slot, so there’s no choice for expandable memory. Google is betting that users will use cloud garages for their desires. Most of your high-volume needs are included because the Galaxy Nexus syncs well with Google Music, Google Medical Doctors, and Picasa. The processor is snappy and performs responsibilities with seemingly little effort, switching through apps and displays and multitasking all features without hiccups. Even strolling video games like the newly released Cutting-edge Fight 3 don’t affect the gadget’s overall performance.

One Hardware characteristic inside the device that has been getting a lot of press is the NFC chip. That is the simplest, the second telephone in the US to have an NFC chip constructed (the Dash Galaxy S being the primary). Lamentably, Google Wallet is not enabled on the tool, and apart from Google Beam, there isn’t always something to be had to take advantage of this new addition. It will be a while before builders start constructing apps that museNFC due to the shortage of devices supporting it right now; however, the possibilities for it are countless.

Software program:

This is wherein the tool’s real splendor begins to shine with the first flavor of Android 4. Zero Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). The whole thing looks like This is what Google intended while the first of all released Android. Gone are the greens that have accompanied Android. Considering release and income, the new softer blue makes it more inviting. The Software’s responsiveness is implausible; some of This is thanks to the twin-center 1.2GHz processor and 1GB of RAM; however, the Software program itself feels more excellent stability and more significant labor than previous versions of Android, even Honeycomb.

ICS has made the texture and use of Android more intuitive and cleaner without taking away any of the abilities or “energy” that users have had from the start. Switching thru monitors and apps is accomplished by way of swiping. Shifting and uninstalling apps work the same as on different Android versions. However, now you can organize apps into folders by dropping them on each other’s pinnacle. Within folders, you can re-set up apps as you would like and interact with apps, but the folder floats over the home screen; you still realize wherein you’re, and you don’t sense like you’re diving too deep to get to something.

Individual apps open fast, and you can manage the apps you have strolling by clicking the menu button. This pulls up a faceted bar that indicates all of your latest and walking packages, just like the experience on Honeycomb. You may transfer among apps quickly or near them from this sidebar by truly swiping them. The capacity to shut apps from Inside this sidebar is a new and very welcome addition to ICS; I can’t tell you how frequently on Honeycomb I saw an app and Just desired to shut it, But could not. Additionally, knowing that your device will be driven by updates from Google so that you will be on the modern-day and finest builds for a minimum of twelve months makes it a lot sweeter.

Real-World Utilization:

What most people need to recognize is “have to Purchase the Verizon Galaxy Nexus.” One of their foremost questions is, “What approximately is the battery existence” nicely; I’ve been using the tool as my day-by-day motive force for a week now and felt I could solve those questions. First and foremost, if you’re in the market for a brand-new cell phone or to improve eligibility, I recommend purchasing the Galaxy Nexus without hesitating. This device is the whole thing I used to be watching for,, and extra, it has made me forestall, worrying if I used to be going to run out of battery existence or if I needed to uninstall apps or root my tool to make it run smoother and faster.

Day 1:

Day 1 Utilization Changed into quite a lot trendy for any new tool, Initial set up, downloading maximum used apps (Facebook, Social Scope, Reader,, and many others.), putting in syncing, and ordinary scheduled occasions. Like any new device, the battery came with a roughly forty% price to get commenced, and you could see how it was completed, and w was constructed, how it was conducted how it was completed from the display screen pictures below.

Day 2:

Day 2 Usage got a touch more excessive, loads extra app use, net browsing, essentially putting the tool through the paces to look at what it could do. Battery Utilization Became higher than on Day 1, But it wasn’t extraordinary.

Day 3:

Day 3 Changed into extra fashionable Usage, calls, emails, browsing, app use, downloading apps, and additional tweaks to settings. Battery use with the tool switching automatically between 3G/4G and utilizing WiFi when needed Became pretty superb, particularly thinking about the display and the processor.

Day 4:

Day four persevered with trendy use and no real adjustments to settings. Again utilizing well-known 3G/4G placing with the tool mechanically detects the strongest signal and uses WiFi while wished.

Day 5:

On day five, we ran into a hiccup with Google Currents; it is continuously walking and continuously trying to sync and live-action; it used plenty of battery and put a significant drain on the tool. As soon as Currents Was uninstalled, the entirety turned Back to normal, and we experienced cozy with the battery life. We see 14 hours of battery existence regularly with standard d Usage.

Overall Impressions:

My Overall impact of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is that That is the whole lot that Google intended Android to be. The Hardware is first-rate, light, and responsive. The OS, Ice Cream Sandwich, is fluid and smooth. It is more intuitive and consumer-pleasant extra patron-facing than any other Android version to date and takes the fight to Apple in terms of simplicity and “Simply working.”

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