Five Ways to Make Your Old Car Safer

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There are a lot of ways cars today are smarter than ever. From starting your vehicle with the push of a button to dashboards with GPS capabilities, backup cameras, and more, many bells and whistles are included in brand-new cars that make them more pleasant to drive but, more importantly, safer to go. Now, if only we had enough money to buy a brand-new car! There’s no need to drop tens of thousands of dollars on a new vehicle if you don’t have the money. There are plenty of ways you can make your old car safer for a lot less money.

Old Car Safer

Install a Backup Camera

Backup cameras are a popular feature on brand-new cars. They can keep you from backing up into vehicles in parking lots, accidentally hitting children who may be riding by on a bicycle, or backing up into stationery items, like light poles. You don’t need a new car to take advantage of this technology. You can install a backup camera on any vehicle. The best backup cameras have many features, including blind spot elimination, camera angles to keep an eye on trailers, and front-facing cameras that can help you keep an eye on the road in front of you. Cameras are fairly easy to install, but you must install your backup camera properly. If you’re worried about getting it right, paying a professional to install it for you is worth the extra money.

Upgrade Your Tires

Your tires greatly impact how your car handles the road and how smooth your ride is. They also have a huge impact on the safety of your vehicle. Knowing when to replace your tires is important because they dictate how long it will take you to stop. If your tires are worn or bald, you can slam on your brakes and still hit the person at the stoplight ahead of you. With new tires, you can cut your shopping time in half. Even if your tires are technically okay, you may want to consider upgrading them anyway. You may want to switch to summer tires or winter tires, or you may want to choose an all-season tire if you live in a climate that changes throughout the year.

Check Your Brakes

Your tires are important, but so are your brakes. Dealing with a brake failure on the road can be extremely scary, but it can also be deadly. If you have had your car for more than a few years, it’s time to get the brakes inspected. By having your brakes checked regularly, you can avoid a potential failure on the road. Replacing brakes and brake parts isn’t always cheap, but it’s much more affordable than dealing with an injury or a totaled car because you put off having them replaced when needed.

Make Your Headlights Look Like New

Having trouble seeing on the road when the sun goes down? Not only can your headlights make it difficult for you to drive around at night, but they can also make it difficult for other drivers to see you. Make your headlights look new, and you’ll be safer behind the wheel. Sometimes, all it takes is scrubbing the grime off your headlights. In other cases, it might mean updating your bulbs. Consider halogen bulbs to see better LEDs for brake lights, as they put less strain on your car’s system.

Install an App on Your Phone

There’s an app for everything. That includes making your car safer!

Choose from driving apps that include:

  • iOnRoad can help you with lane departures and collision warnings
  • Torque provides you with car performance data and diagnostics
  • Waze helps you deal with traffic conditions, and it can help you find cheap gas

Also, many apps can be used to encourage you to spend less time on your phone while driving. Consider using Bluetooth to take calls hands-free without needing a fancy dashboard or an app blocker that will keep you from feeling tempted to check your phone while driving. If you’ve got the money to spend on a brand-new car, you will enjoy many wonderful features. Just don’t make the mistake of thinking only new cars can be safe! You can do plenty of things to make your current care safer.

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