5 Tips to Be Safe While Lending a Used Car Online

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Self-driven car rental services greatly add to the global travel and tourism experience. Land at any airport in the world and drive away to the city in a self-drive car, making commuting easy in any corner of the world. The presence of car lending apps has made it convenient for travelers to hire a car in any city. If the city you are traveling to is covered by one of these car rental apps, driving around the place becomes a lot easier for you for attending business meetings or sightseeing. The only other option would be to check your used car loan eligibility and buy one if you plan to stay long.


Naturally, you would be more than willing to pay the car rental fees that will cancel out your cab charges and add a lot of commuting convenience. However, remind yourself to follow a few simple tips to ensure your self-driving rental experience is happy.

1. Driving rules and norms

Your driving license should be accepted in the city where you plan to drive. So, before you travel to any town, try to find out if there are any specific driving norms. Due to pollution and lockdown, Delhi and even smaller towns follow the odd-even rule. There may be ‘no entries’ applicable, different parking rules and fees, and even driving etiquette. International cities may even differ in terms of left-hand and right-hand drives.

2. Know your way around

Thanks to GPS and navigation apps, it is now easy to find your way around, even in cities you visit for the first time. However, a traffic-riddled shortcut or an unsafe street may not be notified by technology. So, if you choose to self-drive, ensure you know the route. Hiring a cab may make more sense if the city streets are unsafe.

3. Reliable rental service

It is given that the care provider must be a reliable name in the used car loan or rental business. Even when you are offered third-party-owned vehicles, the app or rental service provider should ensure that vendor verification has been done. The last thing you need in a new city is to be stuck with a car with dubious ownership, criminal history, or traffic violations.

4. Car details

Use a self-drive car only after you are assured of its quality and reliability. Hiring a car wouldn’t make much sense if it’s past its useful life or uses excessive fuel. The charges should not be excessive, certainly not more than the numbers that a used car loan EMI calculator would show. If you rent the car from the airport, parking charges may apply on your way out. Confirm if the same is inclusive of the rental costs. If you are a seasoned driver, you will sense problems after a quick test ride.

5. Documentation

Find out what documents must be carried by drivers in the place you are traveling to. Across India, the registration card of the car, the insurance certificate, and the pollution under control certificate are the standard documents demanded by traffic police. You should check with the car provider if any other documents are required for the trip. All these documents should be valid for the time you plan to use the car.

Bottom line

With used car loan interest rates at an all-time low, rentals should cost you much lower now. And now that you have a car at your disposal, you may even take a day off to venture out of the town and explore the vicinity.

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