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Save the World, a Letter to the President – I Think We Must Get Together and See the Light Soon

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It started as a game. I was thinking about an idea for a new video game. What would you do if you were suddenly saddled with the responsibility of saving the world? Your call, your decision, your baby, what would you do? And then it progressed into a more serious thought into virtual reality. Where would you start? In Iraq? Or some other trouble spot around the world? I watch a lot of news. The news is basically depressing and often riding. It seems everyone has the same major stories and every station has a different view of the meaning. You have to watch them all and read between the lines to get the truth, and then you can never be sure.

I listened to the politicians, the Senators, and the Congressmen and the Radio mouths and the TV clever comedians and each of them had a different idea. It seems they each have their own individual take on how to get rid of and punish and destroy the other bad guys. The truth is seldom spoken and never popular. Then with a quick glance at the world news(something we poor folks could not do before TV), and I see a world news of turmoil. Everyone mad at each other and every individual on this earth has a different solution. The problems are uncountable with many wrong answers for each problem. People are frustrated because we are losing hope.


It seems if we are ever to find the answer we must leave this place where we are blinded by this turmoil and confusion. So let us leave this little hideout where we live and maybe go for a journey outside of the political cage, let’s go look in from the outside. Like maybe from a spaceship circling the globe at high altitude, and try to see the world news as a whole. We can look down through the clouds and see the oceans and the mountains and then we zoom in and there are all of those tiny people shooting at each other and tearing things up beneath a haze of smoke. And this space ship will allow us to see through “time” also. As far back as we can see Human Beings have fought and warred with each other. We have to fight each other if we want to fight because we Human Beings really have no enemy other than ourselves. In the whole of the universe so far we have no other enemies. Yet we struggle to survive in a world news where we can feel that if we continue on this course with this ideology we will soon destroy everything that we have today. We all know this is not working.


But there may still be a way.

There may be a way to save the world news, not easy, but fast and sure. We could change our minds and try speaking the truth. Is there such a thing as the truth these days? My people say, “Oh Ya, big deal, like your truth is better than mine?” I realize that we live in a world with an ideology that insists that we each have a different opinion about everything these days and where the truth seems to be hidden and politically incorrect. It seems that in order to be heard we must lie. Now I know that sounds pretty pessimistic, but the state of affairs that we face today requires some pretty heavy words and we must be able to speak the hard words if we are ever to be free, “Only the truth can set us free.”

Have you ever thought how it is that words of deceit have brought us here to the brink of destruction? Our words and our choice of words that we use to communicate will guide us through the course of our future. How many words does it take to express our frustration with our leadership, is it because we all know through and through that something is basically wrong? We are so restricted by words, we dare not say the wrong word or we are bad.

Let me say some heavy words that will explain my thoughts;
Men and Women have walked hand in hand through time.
In the mind of Men;
“I must go fourth and crusade and conquer the world!”
In the mind of Women;
“I will follow but why must you sacrifice our children?”


It has always been words of “deceit” that have brought destruction to Mankind and for that matter destruction of the whole of our world news. This is June 2010, the oil spill, the upheavals in our Congress, our Churches and leadership around the world are proof positive where “deceit” can lead us, now we can see “in lights” in front of the whole world.

“Without the truth, we have absolutely nothing!”

Up until now, I don’t think we could handle the truth. I remember when Jack Nicholson snarled that in a Movie. And it is true, we used to burn people at the stake if we thought they were too different than what we understood, and we are greatly bound by the books and the politically accepted interpretation. We demand that our children grow up with our understanding of the truth. It is our duty, of course, to guide our children into this world as best we can as long as we can. But what if we have been lied to? What if some people have systematically lied to Mankind for centuries, what if Man has been lied to by other men since the beginning of time? What if God would much rather that we get along and worked together to save ourselves and this world?

There is a story I remember in the Bible about how Man started to build a tower to the Heavens and God gave them all a different language that separated them or something. I can see such an event with a reasonable answer; it was a bad idea and they all quit and separated, you know went off there own way. Likely to gather with and follow with those who agreed on why it was a bad idea. Today we could reverse that incident and turn it in our favor. We could all turn and look back at God and see what He really intended and offered us?

We, Mankind must get together and see the reality of our present and our future. We must recognize the basic needs and commonalities that God has given us for survival and try to abolish the many choices that we make to go against God, choices that destroy and diminish Mankind and our world news.

The fact is if we intend to leave something, anything good for our children, we must get together. Around the world news, today we could do that. It is no good unless we all agree to understand. We need to see what separates us and what brings us together. I mean we don’t have to sleep together, but we could come together to a realization and a focus. Today we spend our life’s worth and our hard earned money devising ways to separate each other and create high-tech weapons to destroy each other. We school our young to know who to hate and how to destroy others. It will take an event of meteor strength to get the attention of the people, maybe this oil disaster? When we do, we better have the right answers. The right answer could simply be “the truth.”


The fact is that we have been separated since the beginning of time by differences of opinions. A difference of opinion created and promoted by men. Rooted deep in our history are endless tales of deceit created by some who feel that they will benefit in some way. Like maybe; “Here ye, here ye, my fellow Man, let it be known and written in stone that from now and forever, God wills that I and my family and friends shall be considered Saintly, and you are all to bow and pay toll and know that my family is better than you and we are never, ever to be doubted nor held accountable as Human Beings.” Would you go for that? We do, we have for centuries. Our leaders deem themselves saintly and above Human scrutiny, it shackles our future to doom.

We grown-ups play a deadly game off; “My God is Better than Your God so That Makes Me Better than You, game.” There is a different vision of God in the mind of every Human Being in the world, and none is the exact same, but none is better than any other. There is only one God, but we will “choose” to see Him in many different lights.

We cannot continue destroying each other and our world news believing that it is God’s will. We fight because we think we are all different. We all think we are pretty special and we are. But maybe not better than other Human Beings in Gods eyes. My uncle once told me “always remember you are better than no one, but no one is better than you.” (I had no idea what he meant) It’s like a pecking order in the chicken pen, in our case it is whoever has the most money has the biggest break. I believe that God intended for Mankind to walk this earth in health and in peace forever. And I believe that He is counting us to figure out how we can do that. It is obviously going to have to be on a different path than this one. We cannot continue to trust Man’s judgment and words of deceit; we must look to God for the TRUTH.

We most all of us know God exists. But have we really questioned where and how? Also, we must realize that God never wrote anything. I flat out ask God one time when I was recovering from my cancer operation in 1996, I ask;

“God, where are you really? I have heard about you from my first memories, and they tell me you are in the heavens, in the sea and everywhere and I don’t see how you can do that? I want to show you how much I appreciate. I can feel that you are here somewhere but?”

Maybe we can all feel in our heart that there really is a God, but? The thought that sort of came back to me from somewhere was, “hey don’t worry about it, just trust that I am here because you might not understand anyway.” Well, I do trust that God exists but I need to know more now.

Just recall for a second how good if feels to gather in church and sing, when you are shoulder to shoulder with your fellow Man? You can actually feel the vibrations from each other, vibes, and your heart warms and your head tingles and you just want to hug somebody because you are all there in that place at that moment reaching for God. I believe that He is very much there and very much here at this moment.

I believe that we can ask God when we are in need of guidance. Seriously and in total reality, as if He was standing right here beside us, ask God what He thinks you should do, how you should see things. I know that sounds old, plain and empty, but let me tell you why I believe that.

I am not a scholar of religion or politics so I cannot speak in those terms, but I believe I have good common sense. Actually I believe that it is indeed religion and politics, one in the same, I believe it is religion and politics that have separated Mankind since the beginning of time... So let us for a moment put the Bible and the Political Deceit on the shelf, and everything that we have been told about mystery history. Let us take a non-biblical look at the world news and try to find some answers;

Number One, God, where is He and what is He?
Number Two, let’s go hunting for the Devil and kick his ass! Let’s go in through the thorny bushes into that molten den and drag his red butt scratching and clawing out by that stupid looking tail and stomp him good. What do you say?

Oh yes, lets use some fitting words. I believe that God is our creator, in the beginning, I believe that God created us maybe of His own image, maybe so maybe not, but the fact is that He created this “masterpiece” of the Human Body with such great intricacies and complexities, that modern Man is just beginning to discover how far, far beyond our science fiction this body really is. Man will never be able to take a handful of dirt and make even one Human Body cell. God does it many times each day.

Science has proven that we are 99.9% the same inside. Now how can they prove that if we don’t even have 99 parts? I can only count about 20 parts or so. But actually, there are more, quite a few more, about Three Billion more actually.

That’s right; science says that we have over Three Billion parts… all working… together… in real time. When you stub a toe, how long does it take to cuss? Now that is a phenomenon. Imagine, we can only see these tiny cells with a microscope, and guess what, inside of each one of these cells is a DNA Ribbon that contains over Three Billion segments that only show as tiny shadows on our most powerful computerized scope, one for each cell in our body. Science says that it is in this world news so tiny, in these segments, inside of each cell, this is where “ALL OF OUR GROWTH AND ALL OF OUR REPAIR TAKES PLACE, period!”

I know we boast about our modern technology but “WOW” compared to God’s work we are babies.

We take our bodies greatly for granted. They say we are the same as Adam, the very first Man. The numbers prove that. When God created Adam, at that very instant Man became his own “Entity” like no other. The heart beat in your chest as in mine has been handed down from generation to generation like the “Olympic Torch of Life” all the way from Adam according to science.
We all know that evolution has occurred and all of those strange bones of monkeys and apes that they dig up are obviously simply those of Species that did not survive. There are no monkeys in Man’s tree. The evolution of Man is what we see around the world today, what we see is what we got. We joke about the resemblance to other creatures but we all know the reality.

It is obvious that God installed a lot of instructions to go along with this masterpiece, which so far has worked wonders. Most of our instructions are set on automatic, but there are many others that we must recognize as instincts because they require us to act upon them. So let us look at what we know God installed and how important it is to us.

God installed the instinct to live as the number one highest priority. We instinctively struggle till the last breath to live. Secondly, we may have a toss-up between food and sex; we have to eat, but sometimes it can wait till after sex for a short time. I believe that God gave us the ultimate pleasure of sex for all the good reasons. Then next would be of course the instinct to love and be loved and to procreate and protect and do something good for our own and our future. We all feel the same pain in our flesh and in our heart for our losses. It is the “protect” instinct that generally brings us to fight each other, usually because we fear what the other bad guys might do or say or are doing. We will “protect” what we believe into the death!

So let us make sure that what we believe in is, maybe what God intended for us? I suggest that God intended for us to walk this earth in health and in peace forever, and He gave us the brain power to figure out how to do that.

Would it be fair to say that God gave every Human Being on earth these gifts? Let us take a look at how it seems to me that Mankind has accepted these wonderful gifts from God.

#1 God gave us life and the ultimate instinct to live.
The man has decided. (Killing other Humans is OK if we want)

#2 God offers us His second most precious gift of sex and love.
Man decides. (We demean sex and marriage, celibacy is Holy)

#3 We all want to do something good for and procreate and protect our own and our future.
Man decides (only those “chosen” are deserving of fulfillment)

#4 It is wrong to cheat, and deceive your fellow Man in God’s name.
Man Decides (God is nothing. It is noble and good and respectable to Lord over other Human Beings, and commit and promote crime and deceit, and to horde and waste while others struggle to survive. It is saintly to flaunt and brag about un-Godly thinking and actions. Today we can justify just about anything we want to do and have done.)

It seems to me that Mankind has deliberately been led away from God’s obvious intentions for our survival.

Today our leaders have collectively teamed up to perpetrate and perpetuate the biggest crime in the history of Mankind. In all of our history and all of our principles, the one single most dangerous entity to Mankind is “The Corporate Monopoly!”

It is not the worst of it that the Drug Corporation Monopoly money controls our health system and our Congress with the influence of lobbyist, not the worst of it at all. I believe it is a corporation that has nearly taken our world news with blatant and dastardly ungodly crimes.

I’m talking about a Corporation that wants the whole world news, like a one-world government. OPEC surfaced shortly after JFK was removed; he was the last to openly defy corporate monopolies. If we study the history, this is a dastardly handful of people with a long history of deceit as a tradition; they are somehow involved in or are the direct cause of literally every political conflict around the world news today and in history. Anyone who wants to sell oil outside of OPEC control is deemed “black market” and gets the ax. Our military is assigned to protect the OPEC Monopoly. We have to fire on those Human Beings over there in the sand because they want to sell us their gas for a “quarter” like they used to before OPEC and still do everywhere else in the so-called evil world. Our leaders have forced this monopoly upon their own people and in so doing not only made us the world villains but they have sucked the lifeblood out of our economy. Our cost of energy is at the base of our economy when the cost of Energy disproportionately outgrew our means we began to fall. When the economy forced our moms to go out and work it broke up our most precious foundation, the family. We have sent our future to die to protect the OPEC Monopoly Agenda…

We must change the Energy Policy and allow open competition at the gas pumps. Would it seem to be much safer for the people of the world to pay a quarter for gas to those people over there in the sand and stop the wars and quit that off-shore drilling? What if we can’t stop that leak? How long will we survive if our oceans turn to oil? This situation is a direct result of “Blind Greed!” A thought of “hogs at the trough” comes to mind when I think about the oil people. Have you noticed, most of their effort has been to “capture” the oil?

Oil has deceived and damaged our world news since the 1960s because of some short sighted Human Beings who decided to go against God’s principles. Let’s face it, crime pays today.

If we can see that everything that God has given us is totally positive all the way from the Three Billion tiny segments inside each one of our Three Billion tiny cells along with total automatic operating instructions for all to work in positive real-time unison. Plus, the biggie; A mind of our own, to plan and prepare to survive and a multitude of natural positive instincts. We can survive if we can learn how!

Where ever else we may find God, in the Bible, in the oceans, in the sky, I believe that the new DNA testing proves that God is our Original Father in a real physical sense, and that God lives on in the DNA of every Human Being on earth and that He tries so hard to communicate with us through our heart, our conscience. That would explain how He has been with us everywhere always. He would be in the physical part of our Being crying out, trying to guide our mental part, maybe? Everything about God is positive and everything that God has provided is positive, so what is the problem?

The problem could be the Devil. Let’s go hunting for the Devil! Let’s go hunting for the negative, the part of our world news that we see destroying Man’s achievements and realistically destroying Mankind and our wonderful world news. Do we believe that he is red with a tail, and lives in Hell? He shouldn’t be too hard to spot unless we have been lied to about that also? Actually, maybe that is why he has been so elusive through the centuries? To go with the entire picture of the hot molten cavern and the pitchfork etc., we are told that he is also very dangerous, “don’t think about him or he will get you!” That is all Bull Stuff and we all know it when we hear it and we have wondered throughout our life why Man cannot come up with a better more realistic lie than that? We don’t think about it or we don’t want to, is probably a good reason why we don’t have the slightest idea what the Devil really is? It is easy enough to see that he really does exist by the dastardly bloody destruction that he leaves behind. If we are going to hunt him we better know what he looks like. If everybody knows then he will have nowhere to hide.

A thought exists only in our own mind; we cannot see it or touch it because it is actually nothing and yet it guides our actions. The Devil is only an evil thought conjured from within our own mind that we Human Beings act upon. Obviously, it would be a thought that would lead Man away from God and God’s intentions for us Human Beings. Man uses the Devil as an excuse to go against God and to believe that we are above Mankind…
Let’s drag the Devil out by that stupid tail and stomp him! The Devil is “nothing”, nothing more than a choice to act upon an ungodly thought…

“Things are different now, today we are a lot smarter than they were in the old days, you just wouldn’t understand.” I can remember hearing my older sister tell that to my Dad back in1946. Of course, everything is changing… except “The Human Body”, and our needs to survive and thrive.

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