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Computer Repair Hawaii

Computer Repair Services in Hawaii is not so much different than the mainland, particularly on the island of Oahu, but there are a few challenges. Having lived on Oahu over 45 years ago, Give Us Life in Ewa Beach, and returning just over seven years ago, the scene has changed drastically. Things were more rural back then, and there was no internet.

In Oahu, people seem to work on one side of the island and work on the other. Since there are only 1 or 2 ways to get around, traffic can be extremely congested, and parking can be challenging. So timing can be a challenge if you are looking for a Computer Repair Shop to drop off your computer or waiting for a Mobile Technician to drive out to you. For some reason, even in Paradise, things can get pretty busy. That said, I just wanted to put out my two cents that affect both the customer and the service provider about computer repair in Oahu.

Traffic Challenges

Live in Waianae, Waialua, Haleiwa, the North Shore, Windward, and Waimanalo. You will have to rely on Mobile Technicians willing to come to your location or drive the distance yourself. The problem with dropping off a sick computer yourself is that most shops open about 9-10 am and close at 6 pm. You either have to take time off from work, hope traffic is light after getting off work, or wait until a day off.

For some reason, there are no shops I am aware of in Waianae, Haleiwa, and throughout the North Shore. Shops on the Windward side are also scarce, but I vaguely heard that there might be a shop out in Kaneohe, but they must not do much advertising. If you have a Macintosh, there is a shop in Kailua; just be aware that not all shops repair PCs and Macs, and neither do mobile technicians.

My Rant About Windward Computer Repair

I have to rant slightly about computer repair for our valued Windward customers. Windward customers in Kaneohe and Kailua are fiercely loyal to their local businesses, which is good. Still, when it comes to computer repair, and they are looking for a mobile technician, they always want someone who seems closer to where they are, which initially seems to make sense.

If they call you and you have a physical location and provide both in-shop and mobile services, they get hung up on your shop’s physical location even though they call for mobile service. The truth is that they have no idea where the technician is coming from. The technician might already be scheduled to be in that area for another customer and can easily set an appointment for you. They aren’t necessarily sitting at home all day waiting for you to call, so you can’t assume where they will be dispatched.

That may sound harsh, but it always surprises me when we spend some valuable time over the phone with a prospective customer, trying to understand their computer problems and comfort them with our solution to their proble; ass soon as we mention that our shop is over the hill on the other side of H3, they start backing out of the conversation almost as if they thought they were doing “us” a favor and say thanks but no thanks, we’ll someone a little closer.

I don’t get it, and even when I can truthfully say that I halready ave a tech in the area  they don’t care. I know other shop owners who get tthesame response about mobile repair on the Windward side. TWeare happy to serve customers on the Windward side, and we appreciate their loyalty once they finally hire us to repair their ccomputers But it is a hurdle starting that relationship. It is a beautiful drive to the Windward side, especially if you get to drive back through the Northshore if you have the time. I always look forward to a good Shrimp Plate lunch from one of my favorite shrimp trucks along the way.


Parking for Mobile Computer Repair Technicians

Suppose your business or home is located in a relatively populated area away from the place I just mentioned; in that case, you’ll have plenty of options for both in-shop and onsite computer repair in Oahu. But if you need service in the congested business areas of downtown or Waikiki, parking is a problem. My suggestion is that if you want prompt service, tou provide information to the technician about the most convenient place to park aandany parking fees (which may be added to your bill). You might even be able to pre-arrange parking in a reserved area for vendors. And lastly, it even helps to know details such as any vehicle height restrictions for parking garages,or detours due to emergency or special events.

Giving Directions

When setting an appointment for mobile service, iyou must providean accurate address and phone number. Many local Hawaii residents prefer to give directions and landmarks than actual addresses, but Mobile Technicians elearnthe island pretty well and even use GPS devices these days. Some even print out directions with Yahoo or Google before coming out. We would prefer that you give us your complete address and maybe a landmark if you live in an obscure hard-to-find location. We need the address for our invoice anyway. We appreciate the directions, but customers somehow assume we will be driving to theirsiten the same way they do daily. Still, thefact is that we might be coming from the other way, and then the eft becomes right, and the right becomes left , which gets confusing while driving.

Be Sure to Give and Get Correct Phone Numbers

As for your phone number, things happen ,and we may need to call you. We also like to call before we come out to ensure you’ll be home. Fortunately, we aren’t like the cable companies that tell you they will arrive between 9-5. Mobile Technicians can usually provide you with a 30-60 minute window. But if you have something come up, we would appreciate iit f you could call us as soon as possible to postpone.

Also, be sure that you know which Computer Repair company you made the appointment with and have their correct number. Many customers call quite a few shops before they choose who they will make their appointment with and get phone numbers mixed up. Some even call us more than once because we have mmultiple phone numbers It gets quite funny hearing the same person calling again, now using a better description of their problem because of talking to us earlier. The problem is that it might get confusing to remember who you chose. N’ll get a person calling us by mistake to cancel an appointment te never made. Imagine the frustration of the technician when he drove out to your home or business jo found out that you said you called and canceled already; whyare you here?

In-Shop v.s Onsite Computer Maintenance

This boils down to price, turn-around time ,and convenience. In-shop repair fees are usually flat rate ffee-based and ttakedays to get back, but you will get more thorough service this way. Shops are also more prepared for txtremely difficult problems. With shops, you can just walk in during normal business hours, although you should call first to get guidance on what to bring. FYoushould always bring the AC Adapter (battery charger). for laptops FWeusually only need the computer ifor desktops(no cables or peripherals, although it wouldn’t hurt if you brought your CDs).

Onsite service is usually hourly ffee-based and may even have a trip charge. Onsite service by nature is by appointment only, but many problems can be diagnosed and repaired within an hour or two. With onsite service, iyou must describeyour computer problem as well as possible,because if it sounds obvious that it might be a hardware problem, your computer may be a better candidate for in-shop repair. It’s already difficult enough to get certain tarts on an island ,such as motherboards and CPUs at a Computer Store, so you can expect that a Mobile Technician will not have everydetailt needed to fix every computer in their vehicle. Somepiecess emustbe ordered online and can take a week or so to arrive. Hopefully, you can see the complications this may cause with setting another appointment ,aandhow the technician will bill you for the first and second appointments. It would just be better to bring these problem computers to a shop.

Major Limitations forMobile-Onlyy Technicians

I certainly do not want to knock mon obile only technicians,because I got my start that way. But you have to know that these ocan only serve a small number of customers onany given day. Many people get attached to their computer guy once trust is established, but it can get frustrating when your trusty Mobile PC Tech cannot make it out fast enough. They might even need to take a vacation ,and when you get a hold of them on their cell phone, you find out they are on the mainland for a week or two. If you can’t wait, you have to find someone else.

Mobile repair is lalso limitedfor reasons spelled out in the “In-Shop vs .Onsite Computer Maintenance” section above. Certain types of maintenance will never get done onsite due to how long it will take. If I think I have to perform a surface scan on a hard drive just for starters (which can take 2 hours or more in some cases), I almost immediately recommend I take the computer back to the shop to complete ait t the flat rate. Some computers develop multiple problems and can take 4-5 hours to repair. For one, it will save you on further hourly charges, but it will also help the technician to be on time for other appointments after you since he probably only allotted 2 hours for yourworkt. The complicated part is that a mobile technician may not have a shop to take your computer to,and may only be able to take it to their home. If you are okay with that, then fine, no problem.

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