Tips to Choose the Ideal Custom Wine Cellar door

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A wine cellar can never be considered to be complete unless it has a well-designed door. Customizing a wine cellar door involves various aspects and components. You need to plan each one of them meticulously. Below are a few points which you must consider while choosing the door for your wine cellar.

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  1. Material

Today in the market, there are plentiful of options available to choose from. The most common of them being wood. You can build your wine cellar door using wood species such as mahogany, redwood or pine. The material that you select must match with the stain used on the racks and furniture in your wine cellar.

Glass is also a widely accepted material for cellar doors. Many people prefer to use glass as it is easy to style. Glass complements the look and design of all types of interior decorations. It blends well with both traditional and contemporary designs. With glass doors, it is essential that you use the insulated or thermal variety. You can also choose between double and triple paned glasses. These add to the insulation and maintains the temperature and humidity effectively. You could also get an insulated, galvanized iron metal door installed.

Do a little research yourself about the various kinds of materials and then select wisely.

  1. Design

The design and style of your wine cellar door speak volumes about your personality. Hence, the design is as important as the material used. You could choose a straightforward and sober design such as a plain door. You could opt for a door that is carved with an exotic and unique design. If you are planning to use glass, the door can be etched, or design can be frosted into the glass. If you want to enhance the security factor, you could choose to get intricate grillwork fitted along with the glass. This will make the door more secure and add to the aesthetics too.

You must be careful while selecting the design. Not every design would look good on each material. The design and material of the door go hand in hand.

  1. Door framing

People often tend to neglect this part of the process. The framing is as important as the door itself. The most recommended frames are solid wood and weather-stripping frameworks. While the frameless doors ascribe a unique and distinct elegance to it, you must try and fight this urge. It is not a good idea to opt for this installation. It is often not possible to insulate such doors as required, and they allow air and humidity into the room, which could compromise the quality of the wine you store there. Hence, framing must not be ignored.

  1. Size

The size of the door should be proportionate to the dimensions of the area available where you are planning to get the cellar installed. For instance, if you have a modestly-sized cellar, opting for a wider door made of glass would make the cellar look more expansive. If you prefer a more solid look, opt for a smaller door made of wood and embellishments and hardware like iron studs and antique door handles, etc.


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