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As a writer beginner, you need to prepare yourself for the challenges ahead. If you are working as a freelance writer, you will likely face competition from those ahead of you. Beginners like yourself are also going to try to outperform you. But these things should not scare you. Even if you are just a term paper writer, knowing and applying the right tips will lead to your success. As a beginner writer, you can become a force to be reckoned with in the writing business. Take a look at the five essential tips that will help you achieve that.

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1. Make your contents concise

Who has time to read a big block of text these days? If you are that kind of writer, you better reconsider making your piece as concise as possible. Know that most clients won’t request this from you. They believe you are already a professional and should know the right thing to do.

The bone of contention here is to make your contents or whatever you are writing to be concise. Avoid fluffs or irregular wordings that add no meaning to the article or a sentence. Also, don’t be tempted to add fluff to make up the word count because it can affect your paper’s quality.

2. Don’t stop writing

If you have the habit of waiting for clients to hire you before trying your hands in writing, then put an end to it. For you to grow and become a better writer, you have to write regularly. It is even better writing with no pressure from clients. That way, you get to write freely, observe mistakes you make repeatedly and correct them.

Start with shorter content, one that you can complete in a short time. You can also try your hands in different niches to know where you fit in properly. According to a thesis rush expert, the benefit of this is that you will have fewer rejections from clients and build a better reputation.

3. Take advantage of writing tools

There are myriads of writing tools out there that make writing more enjoyable and less stressful. These writing tools or software can also improve the readability of your content and writing skills in general.

For instance, Copyscape and Turnitin tools can help you avoid plagiarism, which could affect your relationship with a client when discovered in your articles or academic papers. And understand that Copyscape is more of a plagiarism detector for articles while Turnitin is for academic journals.

Another tool that is important for beginners and professional writers is Grammarly. This software can help to edit your finished paper, correct spellings and grammar errors, too. So, have in mind that as a writer, the two critical things you should try to avoid in your writing are plagiarism and grammar mistakes.

4. Get critiqued regularly

Getting criticized by your loved ones or parents is ideal. But you don’t have to rely solely on the feedback you get from them regarding your paper’s quality. Their emotions may have clouded their judgments. So, it’s likely they may be biased too.

Find people who know about writing and ask them to share their unbiased views about your work. But it is best to get criticized by people who know a thing or two about writing and can show you the way forward.

5. Have a passion for reading

Good writers don’t become who they are within a day. It takes many years of hard work and consistency. And many of them can write fluently in several niches because they have spent time reading various materials and grooming themselves.

So, as a writer beginner, the bottom line is you must develop the habit of reading. Read novels, books, articles, or any material related to the niche you are interested in.


These tips can help a writer beginner scale through the hurdles that this highly saturated niche offers. But then reading a bunch of tips without taking action will not have any impact on you. So, you must be ready to put in the work to become a better writer and gain more exposure in the writing business.

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