4 Ways to Build a Career in Operations Management

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Operations management is developing, managing, and monitoring production and manufacturing processes and service delivery. Operations management is essential in a company since it helps efficiently manage, control, and monitor goods, services, and people. An operations manager can keep an eye on what’s happening in each department by maintaining their hand in each. And since career in operations management is booming, it’s no surprise that operations management certification courses are among the most popular nowadays. Here are different ways to build a career in Operations Management and know the operations/project management skills to pursue a similar career.

Operations Management

What skills do operation managers or project managers need?

Operations managers require various critical talents to negotiate the multidisciplinary demands of the role, including:

  • Leadership qualities

An operations manager needs excellent leadership skills to coordinate divisions’ processes and properly encourage personnel.

  • Skills in communication

An operations manager ensures diverse departments collaborate efficiently and improves communication between senior management and project development divisions. A competent communicator can successfully exchange information across parties and foster teamwork.

  • Analytical and problem-solving skills

Operations management necessitates an in-depth understanding of different processes. It also necessitates problem-solving. Operations managers should be able to spot and execute more efficient methods in various departments.

  • Interpersonal skills

Most of the time, operations managers collaborate with various people in their organizations, including sales and production staff, customers, project managers, human resources, and senior management. To deal with everyone successfully, an operations manager should have excellent interpersonal skills.

4 Ways to Build a Career in Operations Management

1. Earn a bachelor’s degree

Most organizations that hire operations managers require at least a bachelor’s degree, preferably in a business or management-related profession. The most immediately applicable degree would be business administration, but disciplines like management, finance, and accounting would also be appropriate. Advanced English, mathematics, and computer science coursework can also help you build communication, data analysis, and technological abilities.

2. Pursue a master’s degree

Although a master’s degree isn’t required to pursue a career in operations management, it can provide essential skills and help you stand out in the job market. Two options are an MBA (Master of Business Administration) or a Master of Science in Finance. Supply chain management, project management, and corporate ethics coursework may also be beneficial.

3. Gain professional experience

Professional experience can be just as beneficial as formal schooling for those seeking operations management careers. Experience in a particular field not only allows you to put your academic knowledge to use but also allows you to learn firsthand how a firm functions and makes money. Consider pursuing an entry-level role that will lead to a career in operations management. Operations managers frequently start their careers in human resources or operations.

4. Gain certification

A professional certification indicates your commitment to your field of work and verifies that you have the necessary abilities that companies seek. Throughout the country, numerous academic and professional institutions provide certification courses. Consider the following certifications:

Advanced Operations Management & Analytics – The Advanced Operations Management & Analytics program at IIM Kozhikode gives students a deep understanding of progressive operations management and analytics principles and methods. Improve efficiencies, considerable cost savings, increased customer satisfaction, and organizational excellence by learning in-demand skills to operate a good operations management strategy using lean thinking and sophisticated analytics.

Executive Programme in Strategic Operations Management & Supply Chain Analytics – Companies are embracing exponential technologies and shifting away from traditional operations and supply chain paradigms in favor of scalable, customizable, and nimble tactics. The Executive Program in Strategic Operations Management & Supply Chain Analytics at IIM Lucknow will help you adapt, evolve, and change your business operations using next-generation strategies and an analytical methodology that disrupts processes, reduces costs, and improves efficiencies.

Certificate Programme in Project Management – The Program in Project Management at IIT Delhi will teach you to grasp project management concepts and principles and deliver projects on budget, time, and highly quality. It will teach you how to use the tools and practices of comprehensive project management from start to finish. Enrolling in this program will give you strong planning skills, the ability to create clear goals and realistic objectives, and the resolve to attain them. You now know the four ways to build a career in operations management and what are project management skills required for it. If you want to learn more about operations or project management, these Emeritus project management and operations management certification courses will teach you everything you need to know.

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