10 Reasons You Should Redesign Your Small Business Website in WordPress

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Your commercial enterprise website is arguably your most critical aid. It is your 24/7 digital shop window and might be the first interplay that most people of capacity clients can have with your commercial enterprise. So if it does not appear the element, hundreds sluggishly or, most significantly, lack a cellular version then you may be letting custom slip through your fingers.

You can marketplace your enterprise as successfully as you want however if the website customers land on doesn’t reduce it then you are simply throwing away exact cash after terrible. So what’s the solution?

Say hiya to WordPress. WordPress is the wildly famous content management system that powers over a quarter of the whole internet inclusive of some of the sector’s biggest names like the New York Times, Forbes, People Magazine, and National Geographic. So if it really works for them it may be just right for you proper? Here’s why:

1. It’s bendy

Whether you a dog grooming parlor, coffee keep, boutique fashion house or an excessive-flying criminal company the WordPress content material control gadget (CMS) has the ability to offer your business precisely what it needs. The possibilities without a doubt are just limited with the aid of the imagination of the enterprise with bespoke seems, function and style to suit what you need from your organization all practicable.

2. Great blogging platform

Every contemporary enterprise needs a weblog as it’s the easiest way to talk the latest company news and product imparting for your client base, so it makes the experience to have it within the identical location that clients can buy merchandise and speak to you. Up to now structures like Blogger and Tumblr had been famous choices for small enterprise but now it is time to convey it in-house.

A WordPress-based totally web page permits you to have a committed page for your blog that allows you to deliver voice in your enterprise and also be a supply of normal new content for your internet site – something that Google loves with regards to search engine marketing. Plus all of the social stocks which you get hold of across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so forth all lead right returned for your internet site bringing capability customers with them.

3. WordPress is open supply

What ‘open source’ way is that those who use it are able to contribute to its development, typically via the advent of plugins that carry out precise responsibilities and also the improvement of quality practices. But why does this benefit you if you are hiring a web developer to build your internet site?

Simply place you enjoy the consistent development. So many human beings use WordPress now that it is constantly evolving thanks to the inflow of recent ideas from customers so your internet site might be built on a platform that is usually getting higher and you don’t have to pay a penny!

Four. WordPress is continuously updating itself for protection and maintenance

Some CMS systems depart the commercial enterprise of updates in your palms – in case you don’t test you then do not get the advantage of the brand new version. Not so with WordPress. It updates instantly to keep your website safe, up to date and in line with the modern day fine practices around safety. In short, it’s as safe as houses. Website

5. WordPress is search engine marketing pleasant

We all want our websites to show up effectively within the search consequences and WordPress can be a powerful device in helping make it occur. Its default framework and site structure are straightforward for Google bots to crawl meaning that they prefer it, to the factor that enterprise CEO Matt Cutts publicly advocated it, and as we realize on the subject of seeking, Google is king.

6. It’s a language that each one builder apprehend

In their look for the right internet site, a whole lot of small commercial enterprise proprietors rent internet developers who create complex websites which could look the element on the outside however that no person aside from them can manipulate. A bit like shopping for your dream automobile and locating that only the dealer can simply get it to run.

WordPress is any such large a part of the modern-day net panorama that all builders have as a minimum some enjoy it and may turn their palms to coding and constructing for it. This manner that you may run your website daily, including blogs and new merchandise, however whenever a hassle comes up or you make a decision the time is right for a makeover you won’t be quick of folks who can assist.



7. It’s a platform that you can rely upon

Having been around for 10 years plus now, WordPress has been always labored on to eliminate the kinks and insects that have been acknowledged to plague different content control systems. It’s now not truly hassle-free (what inside the international is?) but it’s about as close as you will locate everywhere.

8. WordPress is cellular friendly

By now you are sure to have heard the stat that mobile web-surfing now outstrips computing device and PC via a tidy margin and this change in user addiction has had an impact on the web panorama. These days Google actively bars websites from its cell search results if it isn’t always mobile pleasant. If it’s you then it is greater than half of your capacity visitors long gone at a stroke.

Happily, in case you base your internet site on WordPress you have all the tools you want to succeed on all devices due to the fact WordPress doesn’t simply work on the cell, it flourishes. Your website nevertheless needs is properly designed however accomplished properly WordPress can offer a fantastic user enjoy on any tool and a smooth to use site brings in sales and leads.

Nine. Ideal e-trade platform

These days the quantity of items bought over the net is incredible and is best heading in a single direction, developing in its wake a marketplace that businesses big and small understandably want to make the most. WordPress is your best platform as it integrates beautifully with some of the world’s maximum popular, and elegant, e-trade answers like Woo Commerce and Magento to offer your merchandise actual wow aspect.

What’s greater the core of these e-commerce answers are free however can also be heavily customized to fulfill particular wishes. Are you a wine club that simplest wants to promote in cases of six? Or a company that sends out monthly snack bins on a subscription foundation? No hassle.

10. It’s a powerful advertising allyWordPress

Want to get your products out to as many humans as viable and degree the behaviours of your customer base? WordPress is your platform. With WordPress you may get your whole product variety on Google Shopping and convey clients seeking out precisely what you sell, direct to you.

You also can connect your web page to an email platform like MailChimp and degree the behavior of the customers that go to your website from their inbox which include things like which products they buy and the remaining time they bought from you. This permits you to tailor campaigns focused on those who say haven’t sold from you in 3 months supplying them a discount to convey them returned. Or praise those loyal clients who purchase from you regularly. All the use of statistics from WordPress. Powerful no?

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