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How to Find a Niche inside the WordPress Ecosystem

WordPress is simple, elegant, and modular. That aggregate has made it the maximum famous internet platform on this planet, ensuing in wealthy surroundings of topics, plugins, and help. It’s a super opportunity for devs and architects, however how do you stand out in this sort of crowded marketplace?

Sites like ThemeForest allow creators of WordPress topics to have a constant income, bringing in over half one billion bucks in revenue to their network of authors. But that sale isn’t shared flippantly. While a few authors make hundreds of thousands, 76% of WordPress topics on ThemeForest earn beneath $1,000 in step with the month (ThemeForest By the Numbers, 2016).

So how do you stand proud of the gang? Let me introduce you to a team that learned how—StylemixThemes.

How Do You Stand Out in the WordPress Crowd?
StylemixThemes is a far-off crew of devs, designers and assists professionals who started making WordPress themes in 2008 and determined to begin selling them on ThemeForest years later. It took time and grit, and that they sooner or later located fulfillment. They became Power Elite authors via earning their first million in December 2016, and have earned some other million within the closing 12 months.

What’s their secret? The team mentioned their adventure in a 2016 interview. Here are the various instructions they learned:

Never copy. Come up with some thing new and precise, and integrate that into your themes, plugins, and merchandise.

Eat crow. Getting feedback for your work is hard, but beneficial, and overview is a vital part of the ThemeForest submission method. Their first topic becomes rejected some of the times by way of the overview team, but they found out from the enjoyment, and that, in the end, led to a better theme.

ThemeForest reviewers didn’t just like the design we submitted, they need to peer high-level subject matters with a great UI, that may suit lots of buyers. We realized that our mistake becomes that we tried to create a topic as a single internet site for an unmarried client.

Market your subject matters. A combination of Google Adwords, banners, and paid reviews have been a hit for the crew, however, they continue to search for new advertising and marketing techniques.

Stay hungry, live foolishly. Making a consistent income out of your modern issues mustn’t forestall you developing new capabilities, topics, and merchandise. Keep creating, preserve improving, and preserve valuing and supporting your customers.

And one final key lesson. They had been stimulated by means of a success ThemeForest author, Chris Molitor, to begin growing micro-area of interest issues.

Avoid the Crowd with the aid of Focusing on Niche Markets
By focusing on niches, you may find markets that are not already overcrowded. Back in 2013, I interviewed Chris Molitor and different successful authors approximately their success in creating issues for niche markets. This is how Chris defined his initial approach to finding the right niche:

He looked for ThemeForest classes that didn’t have any issues. For instance, Chris becomes the first author to make issues within the events, nightlife, church buildings, political and charities categories.

As the types started out to become greater famous, he could recognition on those with the smallest wide variety of topics. His venture was that there weren’t many other themes to get inspiration from, “if you’re doing it right, you’re on your very own.”
He researched the specific features clients in every niche wanted and blanketed them in his subject matters. He talked to actual human beings about their actual necessities.
One area of interest project I did become in reality the result of an email I was given from a curator at a museum. They weren’t capable of discovering whatever for what they wished, so I requested questions and discovered what the wishes were from the actual give up user. I had a whole lot of a laugh running on it, and it’s probable my preferred niche challenge to these days. (Chris Molitor)

How does Chris stand out from the gang? By not being conventional. He doesn’t create topics for all and sundry—he creates them for any individual. His trademark is specific, useful topics for particular area of interest groups.

Don’t say ‘absolutely everyone’ can use your services—be particular… Saying ‘anyone’ makes you think of ‘no one’.

I can see where StylemixThemes were given their notion from. They, too, create fine micro-area of interest issues especially tailor-made to each industry, every with its very own unique features. Here are a few examples.

StylemixThemes isn’t shy. They truly spell out to their clients that the topic is “based totally on in-intensity research into the field of enterprise, finance and consulting.” That’s appropriate advertising and marketing. Then they make sure it includes additional functionality wished for commercial enterprise, finance and consulting, together with consisting of using pie charts, graphs and development bars, and a WooCommerce shop.

Again, they point out to their clients that a lot of thought went into the blanketed capabilities: “With growing popularity of Health Coaching and Healthy Lifestyle becoming an increasing number of huge, the niche really wishes a subject which would offer everything a teacher wishes to offer him/herself and his/her programme selling better lifestyle.” So they consist of payment and booking integration.
Here they encompass special capabilities required for small companies in the splendor industry (consisting of networks of salons in multiple places), like online booking, a complicated pricing module, and a WooCommerce save.

Pearl WP Is a Bundle of Niche Themes
With a lot achievement with their micro-area of interest themes, StylemixThemes desired to take it to the following level. So they took the entirety they learned and mixed it right into a mega product. Pearl WP is a comprehensive bundle of the area of interest subject matters—business, logistics, clinical, eating place, construction, charity, beauty, fitness educate, musical, condominium, portfolio, church, non-public blog, WooCommerce store, startup, and viral—with more niches being added through the years.

So, while focussing on the area of interest markets, they have got additionally created a product that appeals to a wider target market. This is the first subject matters bundle to seem on ThemeForest so that they’re blazing their own trail right here. Check out their promo video.

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