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Shop Online 9 Internet Tips Guaranteed to Make You Want

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Shopping online can be very enjoyable, Top Theto, but one must exercise common sense and useful tricks to get ahead. Shopping on the IInternet should start here. This guideline is created to help you enjoy the experience of shopping online – you may even make some cash and pick up some savings tips too:

1. Use Contact Us Button – ALWAYS!

If you want to purchase a product or service online, contact the site using the “contact us” button. If you do not respond within 24 – 48 business hours – be very wary of doing business with that site. You still need to see their customer service even for well-known sites, so don’t bypass this step. Being big does not necessarily mean good customer service. The response should not be automated, advising you to check the site’s FAQ for your answer. The trick is to make your query one that will have to be answered by a REAL person. I have developed the mindset that ” if they don’t respond to my query within 24 – 48 hours,” – I won’t buy!

Internet Tips


2. Join Their Affiliate Program

If you have a website – and wish to purchase anything online, first check to see if the site you plan to purchase from offers an affiliate program. If they do, this provides the perfect opportunity to see how they will treat you and anyone you refer to. Joining the affiliate program offers an threefold chance:

First: Testing Customer Service PRE-SALE. This is another way of testing customer service by applying for the affiliate program. If you get a friendly response within 24 – 48 business hours and get a comfortable feel about the site, proceed to join their affiliate program. Next, purchase the item you set out to buy in the first place BUT from YOUR link on YOUR site.

Second: You get paid for purchasing, which is a sweet bonus! You will usually get back a percentage of your purchase or a set $ amount. Check to see how long your cookies take to expire. The longer, of course, the better – the best are cookies that never expire. If you have a busy site, you may be able to market the product and make a generous commission before your cookie expires.

Third: Testing Customer Service POST-SALE. You are now in the position of a customer of this site as well as an affiliate. As a customer, you can evaluate whether the service and item were advertised. Was service friendly? Did the product arrive timely? Was the quality as advertised? Was there a thank you email for the purchase? Did you receive an electronic receipt? Was there a follow-up contact to enquire about delivery etc.? As an affiliate – Was your affiliate account credited with the commission within the time set out in their affiliate contract? If you get all the right answers, you can confidently market that product on your site because you are now your own honorable, breathing, credible testimonial.


off first-time online shoppers are wary about flashing out their credit card to charge it, and they have many reasons to be. Countless stories about online credit card fraud abound. Be careful; exercise common sense. Credit card companies are also vigilant and proactive in protecting their customers, but that should not preclude you from indulging in your due diligence. Follow these tips, and you will minimize your risk.

a. First, get a credit card exclusively for online shopping.
b. Keep the limit $500 or below.
c. Only purchase at sites that look like a real person(s) is/are behind it – i.e., misspellings, out-of-date content -for example, advertising a salon trade show for 2006 2008 are dead give ways of unmanned sites.
d. Beware of squatter sites – sites not involved in retail but host many retail links.
e. if you are unsure, your first line of defense is to use the – “contact us link” If there is none – leave right away.


When shopping online, you will undoubtedly get a lot of email contact from the sites that you do business with. In no time, your email inbox will be cluttered with these emails. These are important emails; please do not delete them. I recommend creating a folder in your email program for EVERY company you do business with and saving all their contact with you in their respective folder. This way, you can access anything you receive, such as a guarantee of service, warranty, commission promised, receipts, contract terms, etc., easily and quickly should a dispute arise later.

This trick is excellent if you are given passwords and usernames to log into a site a while ago and now need it. Yes, if not, all areas have a password/username retrieval process, but why wait on their reply if all you need to do is check your folder? This tip is also suitable for correspondence from lawyers, school teachers, etc. Suppose it is important to file it. This tip helped me recently when I retrieved information from an electronic receipt I received from David Notestine of cyber-robotics last April. I could locate the receipt and contacted the company to take advantage of the service I purchased back then. I contacted this company pre-sale and got a personal reply within 24 hours. I bought and even joined their affiliate program. See, I do practice what I preach!

5. DON’T GIVE TOO MUCHMany legitimate sites in cyberspace aree very honorable and would never attempt to trick you; therefore, they would welcome an article like this. They may even post on their sites for their customers. However, so many sites are set up to do the very opposite. These are the ones that this tip is intended to warn you off. If you are asked to provide your Social Security Number (USA) or Social Insurance Number (Canada), you might reconsider doing so. I have had the experience of signing up for work-from-home programs promising great wealth working from home completing surveys, some clerical stuff, etc… Still, you must provide the Social Security info for yourself and your family members, etc., to be paid. I did! Luckily nothing happened to my identity, to my knowledge, unless there is a Decimal Thomas in the USA that is not YET affecting my essence here in Canada. This occurred in my newbie days on the Internet when I trusted everybody. Unless you want a clone of yourself – Rule of thumb – LESS is MORE. No social security numbers, no full date of birth, or bank account information; give only what makes sense. Less information = more protection.


Stay away from the temptation – (speaking from experience). Attraction can burn a LARGE hole in your credit card. If these folks touting the rich life on the waterfront properties, the yacht, and the 5-star vacations did have the get-rich-overnight-formula, why would they want to share it with you, a total stranger? These people would guard it – you would have a better chance of getting some of the royal jewels from Fort Knox than them sharing it with you. Don’t fall for the manufactured testimonials – do you know any of these people featured there? Do you know anyone who knows anyone featured there? What proof do you have that it is real? Follow your Gut instinct. Beware!


If you have heeded all the tips above and still feel that something is just not right after you have made a purchase.

a. Contact your credit card provider IMMEDIATELY -they request that they do not accept the payment, and you MUST not get the good or service. You cannot have it both ways.
b. Check your credit report for any unusual activities and file a dispute of any item on your credit report that you did not authorize.
c. Check your credit report consistently – some credit card companies offer credit monitoring services.


Despite the tip in #6, you CAN make money online. I am not selling you any program – NO! This is how it works. The premise is that if you have purchased products and services online and are pleased with them, you may want to share them with others. Why not make some money doing so? Some folks do make a tidy sum of money online doing just that. Selling as a middleman/woman! That is what affiliate/reseller programs are about. You are marketing someone else’s products or services. Instead of the vacuum salesman going door-to-door in the old days – the vacuum salesman now sets up a site, calls himself a “RESELLER,” and gets traffic to his place to purchase the vacuums.

Or Mr. Vacuum Salesman puts a banner on his site from the vacuum manufacturer and gets paid REFERRING clients to buy the vacuums directly from the manufacturer. Find a decent set of affiliate programs from Commission Junction, Share a Sale, and Clickbank, among others. The key is that you have to generate TRAFFIC to sell to! That is straight and simple. If your website is not even ranked on Google, the chances of a customer finding you online via the search engine are slim. Most people start with a regular site with one central product or service, and once they build credibility and a decent size customer base, they introduce these add-on services and products. It will take time, but if you remain consistent, you can make money online and elevate your enjoyment of the Internet.


Don’t be afraid to purchase on the Internet – it is a fun place. Do your research, compare, read unsolicited customer feedback, then buy. Some sites have customer feedback that you know is real because it is so raw in its content, and both good and bad reviews are posted. Believe me; you will see if it rings true. Exercise common sense and happy shopping – it can be fun.

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