Putting religion and effort in beauty and wellness

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Now that her beauty and well-being commercial enterprise has grown via leaps and bounds, Ms. Wendi Chan would like to assist folks eager to be her franchisees and different begin-ups. Ms. Chan, dealing with the director of Parlour Group, advised The Sunday Times that it took three years before her business stabilized and became profitable. From one beauty center in Singapore, the Parlour Group has improved to fifteen stores across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines and is worth $8 million to $10 million. The organization accommodates manufacturers like Pink Parlour, specializing in hair removal, nails, and spray tan services, and Parlour Supply, distributing whitening products and waxing supplies. The group has over a hundred workers around the location and an annual turnover of approximately $five million.

Next yr, it plans to increase by acquiring other chains and men’s or women’s salons outdoor Singapore. Besides its salon and franchise enterprise, it offers training guides to help people keen to set up their own salon companies. Ms. Chan, 44, graduated with a bachelor’s degree from San Francisco State University in 1996 and labored in vending and branding for several years earlier than beginning Parlour Group in 2005 with $250,000. Her hubby Derrick Seeto, forty-four, is her companion in Parlour Group, and they have four youngsters, elderly four, 15, 17, and 19. The three older youngsters are from her first marriage. Formerly an Australian, Mr. Seeto became a Singaporean in 2013. He is president and franchise director of the Parlour Group.

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Q Moneywise, what have been your growing-up years like?

I grew up in a modest circle of relatives and lived with my dad and mom – civil servants – and three siblings in an HDB flat. My dad and mom taught us to look at severe, discover a precise process,s and no longer take risks. We had been usually taught the significance of saving for larger, vital things such as a roof over your head and excellent schooling. Holidays have been luxurious, and I did not get on an aircraft until I was 14.

My mother and father are no longer properly off; however, labored and saved, difficult to put anybody through college with two people pursuing distant places in California and Manchester. They were also the best individuals who believed in me once I began my enterprise and loaned me cash at some point in the start-up phase. I have repaid them typically over, so I wager it becomes the correct investment on their element!


I became added up in very “safe” surroundings wherein any form of investment outside of belongings, insurance, and stuck deposits became taken into consideration too unstable. It turned into my husband, who introduced me to unit trusts. Outside of monetary investments, I make investments, particularly in people and training. It is essential to hold mastering and innovate. I attend guides often, say two a month, to be aware of the changing panorama and examine methods to run the enterprise.


I no longer spend money on shares. These days, I look out for start-u.S.And abilities to drive and invest with them in their commercial enterprise while giving them advice and business know-how. We are searching for a growing one with long-term investment earnings and the opposite existing thought list inside the United States.


A massive part of my investment is in residences right here and overseas. My hubby and I own three homes in Singapore, three apartments in different parts of Asia, and three parcels of land in Papua New Guinea (PNG). The land properties had been offered as funding below our business enterprise and my husband’s father in East New Britain Island. His family has lived there all their life. We plan on constructing a destination spa and resort in Destiny. Other plots are for land banking.

Some houses are paid, and the relaxation is financed through financial institution loans. Except for our domestic here, the rest are being rented out, while one can be completed in March next year. In Singapore, we’ve got an office at Novelty BizCentre and a freehold penthouse in Pasir Ris. The average annual apartment returns for assets average five in keeping with the cent to 6 percent. My foreign property return – our recognition – is much better for the ultimate four years compared with Singapore.

A small portion of my portfolio is in unit trusts and bonds. The unit considers returns are around 7 in line with the cent simultaneously, as bonds are a low 2.2 in step with the cent. However, I am doing this to position some more money aside with less hazard. Most of our investments are in the Southeast Asian price range, like Schroder Southeast Asia Fund.


I will continue to put money into instructing myself. Today’s ever-converting commercial enterprise environment requires us to continuously check out restructuring and endured innovations. My immediate investment might be inside the increase of my enterprise. We are restructuring our business portfolio to collect other bodily salons, beautify generations, and different virtual properties.

We are finishing our state-of-the-art digital undertaking on the way to being launched in 2018. It will no longer be the handiest trade the way we run our business; however, how our industry can function is widespread. My modern-day mission is to begin our tanning franchise below Liquidsunrayz. Asia is Southeast Asia’s leading opposition tanners (for frame building and body competitions), and fiercesquared.Com, which dabbles in online swim and motel wear for the united states market. Weare is also launching an interesting new app for our industry to address cannibalism and the current-loss-making enterprise fashions contemporary providers provide. We understand the struggles of trendy salon commercialenterprises and hope to deal with them while supplying the price-delivered guide they want.


During my closing pregnancy and after my youngest son’s delivery, my husband and I have been semi-retired for an incredible three years. We traveled a lot to places to revel in distinctive cultures and food.

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