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How to Stop Chums from Posting on Your FB Wall

Today in this brief guide I am going to discuss Facebook and its wall. We all use Facebook; there can be hardly any person who is not on Facebook. It’s a great social media through which we can chat with our friends, see their stories and also post our stories. Also, we can post a lot of things on our FB wall and also we can post on other walls. A lot of social media activities can be done using Facebook. Facebook is one of the best time passes that any person can have. If you are getting bored then you can use Facebook.

But apart from all of this, it is also a good platform through which you can express yourself. Many times people do post on our wall and this can also become pretty annoying. Many people have this question on their minds can my friends see what I post on other people’s wall? Well, the answer to this is yes they can see, as it comes in the notification.

FB wall

For instance, A posted something on B’s wall. So, your friends will get the notification somewhat like this, ‘your friend A posted on B’s wall’. So, if they click on it, they will be able to see what A has posted. And suppose, if B has locked his profile and is not friends with your friends, then your friends may not be able to see the entire post unless they are mutual friends.

Now, some people will have this question as to Facebook who can post on my wall? The answer to this is pretty simple. Everyone can post on your wall with whom you are friends. If in the setting options you have selected that allow people/friends to post on your wall, option, and then they will be able to post on your wall. Even strangers can post on your wall if you have kept that option open or if you have not locked it on your settings options.

Stop Friends from Posting on FB Wall –

So, to stop people from posting on your wall you will have to make changes in the settings of the poster my wall. For that, you will have to go to settings and make changes like this to prevent your chums (friends) to post on your walls. First, you will have to go to your account. In that, you will see an option i.e. Privacy settings. After this, you will get another option i.e. sharing on the Facebook section. Under that, you will have to choose select to customize settings.

Setting Options on Facebook –

Now, there will be a share section, in which there you will be able to see an option Friends can post on my wall. There will be two options. One is enabling and the other is disabling. So, you will have to choose the disable option, after which your friends cannot post on your wall.

Hopefully, this answers your question regarding the postermywall. Then, there is an updated setting option in which you will have to go to the privacy settings. There you will get an option How you connect, in that there will be another option Choose, in which you will have to select, ‘only me’ i.e. you. Who can post on your wall?

So, by choosing this option you can easily know that who can post on my wall, is only me. I.e. you alone can post on your wall and no one else can post on your wall. So, this makes it easy for people to know that they cannot post on your wall and even if they try to they will be barred for doing the same. This way by following the above-mentioned settings i.e. privacy settings you can be rest assured that it’s only you who can post on your wall and others including strangers and your friends are not allowed to post on your wall.

Prevent Hackers –

Now, that you know how to disable the option who can post on my wall and by choosing the, ‘only me’ option you can secure your Facebook. It is one of the best ways of using Facebook securely and safely. This will also prevent hackers from posting any wrong content in your account. There have been many cases where people have this kind of query and also many people were the victim of such crimes by hackers. But this doesn’t mean that you should stop using Facebook.

Several Methods –

Facebook provides several methods where you can easily use it in a well-protected manner. A recent feature of Facebook has come up where you can even lock your profile, as mentioned above. In this feature, only limited information about you will be displayed and this feature can help you immensely. Since your profile is locked, nobody will be able to see your posts and what you share on Facebook.

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