Google Nexus Phone 7 Review and Some Pointers

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If you are considering buying a tablet and would like to study A few data on the Nexus 7 from a real person/tech guy, then examine underneath. I do not side with Apple or Android, or Amazon. So I try to explore the whole thing pretty. I’ve had the Google Nexus 7 pill for about per week, and it is better than I predicted. I’ve had a group of Apple iPods and feature a Samsung Galaxy Player 5. zero (Android 2. three). So I would reference that one in a while in this newsletter. Also, I used Android 3.0 Honeycomb in no way, so if I say a function is new, it’s feasible it changed into Honeycomb. Still, I am comparing it to Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), which is more generous than a telephone OS. I have not owned an iPad; however, I use them at work, so I know their characteristics and capabilities. I may reference the ones now and again. I have not used a Kindle Hearth sufficient to comment on it.

Nexus Phone 7

Why buy this?

I never became capable of justifying why I might spend $500 on a pill when I can get a laptop for $500 and do better on it because it has a keyboard and is a fully operating machine. However, the charge of the Nexus and the performance got my attention. A part of me desired to peer how a 7″ tablet felt and what could help in my everyday existence, but more importantly, I wanted something I could play the song directly to my Bluetooth audio system with a great display screen. It works fantastic for track, video games, internet browsing, electronic mail, and the net. The whole thing runs satisfactorily, and Android has had constant maximum issues from beyond versions. I Additionally love the ultra-modern Google Voice characteristic.

Apple’s equivalent, Siri, is something you can’t get on an iPad. This is one significant cause why I would get this over an iPad. I can say “Set Timer,” “directions to,” and so on. People don’t compare this to the iPad, but now when I’ve performed around with it, I experience you can compare it to an iPad. Wi-first of all, I virtually didn’t want the 7″ display and would have favored a 10″, but after owning it, I do now select the 7″ due to the fact I can preserve it in 1 hand. With a 10″ just like the iPad it is not as easy to maintain. It is a pleasing length for games and journeying. The Nexus 7 is just as precise as an iPad for video games and will prevent approximately $two hundred over an iPad If you are searching for a tablet device. The most famous video games are to be had for Android. Android pills are unpopular, so Some apps you may discover need Some catching up. Here are things I feel Humans might need to realize or that I discovered critically.

Home display:

It works great and quickly; they added the function Home display screen does not rotate, but this app will restore that for you and help you turn the screen while switching the tool horizontally. It is known as “Ultimate Rotation Manipulate.”


This still annoys me with all Android devices I have attempted yet! I idea they might constantly have it through now. If you yell loud into the microphone, it gets distorted more than expected. The Nexus 7 still does this. Now I have best examined it in full on the Samsung Galaxy Player. Both warp and annoy me. Apple’s iPod touch can hand yelling, and loud sounds load higher than the Nexus 7. It takes loads to distort Apple tool microphones. When I say Apple devices, I am talking approximately the Apple iPod and assuming their different devices have an equal mic. I realize the old iPod Nano video did have a horrible mic, but This is not now around. Perhaps there is a better Android app available for recording, I’ll have to look around nevertheless, but I think A part of this problem might be the “AGC.” Some apps let you close it off. That honestly helped on my Galaxy Player Five. I record myself playing guitar and stuff with music on those devices. That is why the microphone, to me, is crucial.


The speaker is pretty good, but now not blasting. It’s the type of iPad speaker; I’d guess, Perhaps a bit decreased. I don’t have an iPad with me to examine. The Nexus 7 defiantly isn’t louder than an iPad speaker. My Galaxy Player 5.0 has better speakers. They’re loaded louder and have a bit greater bass than the Nexus, for my part. If you use the Nexus 7 with Bluetooth speakers to blast music, it is no trouble. Please don’t get me incorrect; you surely can listen to music on the Nexus 7. You can’t shoot the heck out of a room with it like a stereo that no one can speak over. It is an excellent volume.


There is no flash on the Google Nexus 7 phone. There is the handiest front face Digicam, no rear Digital camera. There is no Digicam app on it, but you may download it from the Play Store by searching for “Digicam launcher for Nexus 7”. Pics and videos are what you will count on from a 1.2MP. Not anything brilliant; however, it takes pics and videos when you have lighting fixtures you are capturing. There’s no flash.

Smoothness and speed:

Sure very clean! They were later given the Android OS, wherein displays slide and consequences are easy for Apple devices. A huge fix for this appeared in the Jelly Bean Android OS. My Galaxy Participant doesn’t have that quality of smoothness. The Nexus 7 runs apps and transitions to monitors faster and smoother than the Galaxy Participant 5.0. you can watch Some motion pictures to see the smoothness, but I’d say it’s similar to the iPad smoothness. I have not used the modern iPad, so don’t take me up on that. Just recognize it’s clean! One difficulty I am aware of, even though on the Nexus 7, is minor. I am playing music using the default tune Player, and I was messing around with A few widgets, including them to the screen and stuff. The piece hung for a quick sec. I used to be using volume widgets. They want to set CPU precedence to the tune higher or something. But perhaps it was only a poorly made app I used to be messing with.


It lets you use lively wallpapers on your home display. That’s a laugh.

Mass USB Connection Choice:

It seems like they ultimately killed this. This is where you may see your Android device files like a USB drive on your PC. But you continue to see all the files and replica documents on the Nexus 7, but it is a tool. (On Home Windows 7) It appears to have precipitated Double Twist to no longer work, but I bought Double Twist Air and synched over, which labored adequately.

Display screen pictures

Eventually, you may take display screen photographs without a third-party app. They will have had this in their preceding version of Android, too; however, it is not in Gingerbread. For the Nexus 7, maintain the quantity button and power button for a few seconds, and it’ll take a screenshot.


It has a built-in widget known as “What is this music” It works like Shazam and is built at no cost. The tracking app appears to be like the previous Android music app, with A few enhancements Here and there.

Automobile Stereo

I examined the Nexus 7 with my Sony USB stereo in my Automobile. It recognizes it as an mp3 Participant simplest; I am now unclear how you will look for songs and playlists. You, in all likelihood, can not, is my guess. I’d use the auxiliary jack on my stereo to Manipulate the music with the Nexus Interface. That works amazing for me. There is simply no charging.


There’s no vibration at the Nexus. Battery. It doesn’t show you the precise price percent when powered off, which might have been done properly. It best suggests a photo offering its price in 25% increments. The Nexus battery’s existence is excellent only as the specifications say. I advocate charging the Nexus the use of the supplied wall plug that comes with your Nexus. The guide also says it will fee faster from the wall plug than a laptop. This is defiantly proper from what I discovered.

With the Nexus 7 on and related USB to a Home Windows computer, it took me approximately 3. to five hours to get the charge from 17% to 46%. Something that changed into ordinary was I left it plugged into my PC in a single day, and it never reached 100% charge. It turned around ninety-two%, but I then examined charging the Nexus 7 with the supplied wall charger plug. And even as the Nexus changed into became one, it went from a rate of seventy-five% – ninety-eight% in 1 hour. So while they say to use the wall plug charger, you better use it as it frees quicker. I do have an ASUS motherboard on an exclusive PC I made that says its USB ports provide the extra power. So I bet on pricing it rapidly. Also, however, I didn’t test it on there. Most people might not have that form of computer.

Notes app

there’s no pre-installed notice-taking app. There are masses of unfastened ones on the Play Store. I take advantage of AK Notepad.

net browsing

web browsing could be very speedy and uses Chrome. I do not have one to check next to, but it is at least the same velocity as an iPad. Part of me needs to say it is probably a touch faster than the iPad 2 but don’t take me up one motive; I don’t have proof.


the display is fantastic, and I like the grip back at the Nexus 7. It makes it feel irresistible and might not slip from your hand. I can hold it well in a single hand. I’ve standard-sized arms for a male.


No SD card enlargement slot, which is terrible, but it gets the 16GB because the OS uses several areas. I trust I had approximately 13GB loose at the 16GB version. So I’d endorse you get the 16 GB version.


Standard is is Good enough on the apps; however, Some are better on the iPad. For example, my cable Television organization would not guide watching Television on Android devices, whereas you can on the iPad. But now, as Android pills get extra popular, they may start making an Android app.


So it’s about it; for now, I’ll stop there. To sum it up, I no longer want to worry about the overall performance problems on Android tablets. For the rate, you cannot move wrong. However, if you always wanted a pill, you didn’t want to blow $500 on one. The most particular element approximately this pill is the mixture of the new Google Voice, the display size of 7″, and the satisfactory easy interface like an iPad but mixed with a quick processor. Everything makes it more unique than other capsules, including the iPad. And Also, I’d surely get this over the Kindle Wi-fi. I don’t see any cause for anybody to shop for a Kindle Wi-wireless over the Nexus 7. The Kindle WiWireless has quite a few stuff locked down.

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