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Bike-borne guys snatched the cellular of Eenam Gambhir, the primary Secretary within the Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations, police said today.

The incident came about on Saturday whilst Gambhir had long past for a walk in Rohini with her mother, they introduced.

The accused snatched the smartphone from her on the pretext of requesting guidelines, the police stated.

Since it changed in the evening, she could not word down the car’s registration wide variety, they said.

In her complaint, the diplomat stated that the accused requested her for directions to Hanuman Mandir. When she started pointing toward the temple whilst preserving her smartphone, they snatched the smartphone and fled, the police stated.

Gambhir said that the iPhone had a US-registered SIM card and some critical documents related to her paintings, they stated.


In September this year, exercise India’s proper to answer after Pakistan Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi raked up the Kashmir trouble on the UN General Assembly, Gambhir had made a strong rebuttal via calling Pakistan a “terrorist”.

Ukrainian Ambassador Igor Polikha’s mobile phone turned into snatched in September at the same time as he becomes taking images of the Red Fort, following which one person was arrested.

When I became young, when going out, you had to observe out on your wallet or purse. Muggers could choose pocket or clutch your handbag and take your cash, credit score playing cards, and take a look at books. In the one’s years, it changed into a pain, because you had to call your Credit Card Company and financial institution. Forget about your coins, as in your case, you were just out of luck. Today, they’re after your mobile smartphone and they will do something it takes to get it! In a world of technology, thieves are taking gain of an opportunity to rob you of your cell telephone.

Wireless crimes are rising every 12 months, and they’re getting worse every day. These criminals are kicking, punching, threating, stabbing, snatching them out of your hand, and taking pictures humans to get their telephone. Once they get your mobile cellphone, they coin it in at eco ATM machines. Over 50% of thefts are mobile telephone associated. And, in some towns, it is over %50.

Steps to take to defend your self:
• When you are in public don’t depart your wi-fi telephone unattended.
• Keep your phone in an area wherein thieves cannot take it, like your pocket.
• Don’t allow a stranger borrow your cell smartphone under any circumstances.
• Register your cell phone with the police.
• Use a pin variety or password most effective you recall.


Criminals are the usage of ego ATM machines to get cash on your cellular cellphone. They can arise to $200 for wi-fi telephones. The greater high priced the wi-fi cell phone, the extra cash they get for it. They can also get entry to to your non-public facts like your “bank money owed” and greater so that it will promote it to other thieves as nicely.

This crime isn’t simplest a trouble in the United States, however, it’s a trouble around the world as properly. Wireless organizations haven’t performed sufficiently to cut back this problem until now. The Eco ATM machines have a tool wherein they take your photograph; test your finger, and you want to punch for your IMEI number so no those thieves cannot coins into your cell telephone.

Make positive when you buy your next cell phone, or when you have a wi-fi telephone, write down your IMEI wide variety. Type *#06# then the wide variety will pop up for your display. That way when your wireless phone is stolen or misplaced, you may call the wi-fi enterprise and report it. Once your cell phone has been mentioned stolen, the agency can disable your cellular telephone so someone does not get access to your private statistics or run up a costly telephone invoice. Be certain to touch your neighborhood police department too, which will hint your phone. When you journey, make certain you’ve got your information handy so that you can contact the police and your wi-fi organization in case it does get stolen or misplaced.

Cellular phone add-ons refer to any kind of product that doesn’t shape an indispensable component, either equipment or software application, of the operation or functioning of the mobile smartphone. There is a massive form of mobile cellphone add-ons available obtainable that attracts the customers. Today, a cellular phone has grown to become right into a transitional object for grownups. It has changed teddy bears in imparting a feel of comfort as well as belonging. As Ted Turner puts it to be glad on this globe, first of all, you want a mobile phone then you definitely need an aircraft; then you definitely truly wireless. The concept of cellular cellphone accessories stems from the arrogance that may be a trendy want of the human character. A few of the increasing range of mobile cellphone add-ons have definitely been mentioned underneath.

Mobile Covers


Standard cell covers may be found in simple colors, frequently with a rubber lining for you to offer defense against damage from knocking. The ultra-modern style of personalizing the whole thing has brought about clothier covers which serve both the objective of safety as well as customization. The fashion has likewise started out because of the reality that the maximum current cell phone models encompass a group of uncovered floor regions especially the touchscreens which might be liable to damage. The trending covers for cellular phones consist of glue-backed vinyl gadgets. Various other cells have changeable fashion designer covers. For the cells which do now not show off a snap-on back cowl, slip-on covers are available. These covers can be discovered in a massive variety of layouts, colorations, styles as well as designs. They make a mobile smartphone fun to paintings with, at the identical time safeguarding it from a few intense harm.

Head Sets as well as Hands-Free

The innovations, as well as development in cellular phone modern-day technologies, have actually made the standard song players as well as mp3s outdated. There isn’t any want of bringing the bags of an additional tool along with an iPod because the logo-new styles of mobile telephones in addition to smartphones comes ready with a nation of the artwork tune gamers.

Nevertheless, a headset is an important mobile telephone accessory not handiest to play songs but likewise as a protection and security precaution. Headsets allow you to positioned your mobile cell phone in your pocket or knapsack as a result removing the opportunity of avenue snatching as you respect your songs. Hands loose phones let you run as you chat. It leaves your palms loose to a multi challenge. It likewise permits you to get telephone calls with extra convenience as you do now not ought to raise your mobile smartphone to your ear; hence you may maintain lengthy cell telephone conversations quite simply.

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