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Blue and Purple Hair Colour Ideas Ladies Are Copying

Nothing is freeing and courageous like having blue and purple hair colours on your head. These are the brightest and human-made hair hues you will find anywhere you go. However, they are not for the faint-hearted women, because when you wear them, you steal the attention of many people who want to get a glimpse of your ridiculous style.

But if you have already made your decision that you want to give a shot to these vibrant haircuts, welcome to the bandwagon. We will show you some colour mix approach that will guarantee striking style. Check the original site here for more insights.


  1. Ombre

Nowadays an ombre without an outrageous hue is not a big deal. For a matter of fact, no one will notice you if you have styled your ombre with dull colours. Therefore to make a statement, opt for a vibrant purple on the top and choose dark blue for the base. This two combo will guarantee you a magnificent look.

  1. Balayage

This new balayage can only be realised if you choose a professional hairstylist. The smooth transition from pale purple to purple hair hue is fascinating. This is a good colour combo to give you several heads turns wherever you go.


  1. Colour Mix

Blue and purple hair colour combo is a beautiful combination that will leave you looking like a dainty. Use purple colour on the top and highlight your hair at the bottom with a blue hue. This gives you a pass to rock at least three different shades. These light shades of purple and blue are exactly what you want to smoothen your look a bit.

  1. All Shades of Purple

Choose different shades of purple to come up with partial highlights. Regardless of how asymmetrical the accented locks are, the whole image will be fabulously striking. Opt for the two shades to see how the look rocks you.


  1. Blue Highlights

Purple hair hue appears perfect when blended with light or dark blue highlights. If you choose to curl your hair, the accents will look even more dominant. It is all about what you want for your style, but remember your decisions affects the style you get.

  1. Prominent Balayage

This is yet another example of a conventional blue and purple hair balayage. Don’t hesitate to get into the world of light blue and purple hues blended with some dark blue tresses. This is an excellent option for both formal and informal occasions.


  1. Fairy-Tale Waterfall Braids

This hairstyle is for women with long hair and seeking to appear like a fairy-tale princess. Take the image of this haircut and take it to your stylist to understand exactly what to give you. The various colours of blue and purple hair work together to generate this extraordinary hairdo.