Canada TV persona Steve Ecklund shoots cougar

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A Canadian tv character is getting pilloried on social media after posting a photograph of himself next to a cougar that he had killed.

Steve Ecklund, who hosts the out of doors show The Edge, bragged about killing the massive Alberta mountain cat online.

Photos of him subsequent to the dead animal have sparked outrage, which includes a few harsh phrases from Laureen Harper, the spouse of Canada’s former high minister.

“Must be compensating for something,” she tweeted.
Mrs. Harper is the spouse of former prime minister Stephen Harper, who become also an MP for Alberta, the province in which the animal changed into hunted.

The couple is cited animal enthusiasts, in particular cats. She and her husband rescued many cats during his tenure in Ottawa.

Her uncensored respond brought about a surprise since she becomes known to be quite reserved while she became inside the public eye.
But Mr. Ecklund confirmed no signal of remorse.

“If you may wager what publish has 900 likes, 450 feedback, thirteen showed demise threats, 754 swear phrases and one very happy hunter in it…….I will enter your name into the draw for the brand new cougar prepare dinner ebook, full of mouth-watering recipes on your next mountain lion,” he wrote on Facebook

1. Mrs. Robinson – The authentic Cougar. This changed into the primary time a girl seduced a much more youthful man on display. It turned into a glimpse of things to return.

2. Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher – 15 years
Demi formally kicked off the “Cougar Revolution” with the aid of marrying one of the maximum eligible bachelors in Hollywood.

3. Cher & Rob Camaletti – 18 years
Though Cher had formerly dated Val Kilmer and Tom Cruise, her courting with the “bagel boy” positioned her on the Cougar map.

Four. Joan Collins & Percy Gibson – 32 years
This classic Cougar is ageless. She has been able to preserve her splendor in the course of a long time.

Five. Susan Sarandon & Tim Robbins – 12 years
Their steamy romance commenced on the set of Bill Durham and persevered for 23 years.

6. Madonna & Jesus Luz – 28 years
The material girl proves that the high-quality accessory is a more youthful man.

7. Kim Cattrall & Alan Wyse – 23 years
Just like Samantha in Sex and the City, this became a case of lifestyles imitating art.

8. Ivana Trump & Rossano Rubicondi – 23 years
Taking her cue from “The Donald”, Ivana married and later divorced a person over twenty years her junior.

Nine. Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry – 9 years
This turned into an on the spot love match whilst the two met at the set of an image shoot for Versace.

10. Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon – 12 years
This is Mariah’s first time inside the Cougar Den. The butterfly has become a Cougar.

Lucia is a dating and courting professional focusing on Cougar relationships. She is likewise a syndicated columnist, keynote speaker, creator of “Lucia’s Lessons of Love” and host of “The Art of Love” radio show.

Lucia has regarded in over 100 countrywide and worldwide TV and radio shows along with Dr. Phil, The Tyra Banks Show, E! Entertainment, 60 Minutes Australia, The CBS Early Show and The KTLA News, who referred to as her the “Queen of the Cougar Jungle”.

I used to hate the time period “Cougar” for all the plain motives. First, it evoked pix of Mrs. Robinson in a girdle and garters, smoke billowing around her alcoholic head as she seduced a prone (but willing), Benjamin. Flash forward to leopard clad women over forty showing way too much cleavage, voguing in four-inch stilettos, putting out at bars, guzzling wine and dragging domestic younger prey. Every time the media interviewed me, I cringed, understanding the plain questions would be requested: “Isn’t this just about intercourse?” “Isn’t this pretty much cash?” I endeavored to give an explanation for to them that during my two decades of studies as a human conduct research psychologist and global’s primary authority on cross-generational relationship and psychosexual imprinting (translation: Cougar and Cub relationship) that they’d it all wrong. The media is selling what I coined “The Myth of Stiffler’s Mom” as inside the film American Pie. Stiffler’s mother seduces a young guy, but he isn’t always the 6 % ab, GQ version kind. He is mature for his age, a clever. He gets in her head before he receives in her mattress. The more youthful men and the media who suppose the more youthful guy/older female dating is pretty much sex or cash have never been in a dating with an older female. If they had, that they had know the fact.

The data are pretty simple, and I say those with a extremely good deal of reality, as this is a demographic of human beings I have studied officially for over two decades. If you are familiar with the bell fashioned curve, you may without problems see that the bell-shaped curve can be carried out to just about something in existence. Let’s plot out the more youthful man older lady dynamic on it and notice what we find: In the midsection of the curve we’ve got most of the older ladies. “Older ladies” can be taken into consideration any woman in her 20’s and older who date more youthful guys. The majority of those women who fall in the mid segment of the curve are ages forty-50. These are Cougars. Women in their 30’s are Pumas. Women in their 20’s are Kittens. Pumas and Kittens fall out of doors the middle of the bell-shaped curve. Let’s say they are 1 widespread deviation faraway from the Mean, to the left of the midsection. Women of their 60’s and older are Panthers. Let’s placed them to the right of the middle of the bell-shaped curve. There are fewer Kittens, Pumas, and Panthers than there are Cougars; however, for the sake of argument, they’re all “Cougars.”

What is a Cougar? Many girls take offense to this moniker, as did I, based on reasons I have given above. People, in reality, get irritated with me for the use of the phrase in my articles and research. Don’t shoot the messenger. I did no longer coin the word and I did not brand it. Blame the media. They are those who need to make Cougars look like neurotic, caricaturist, boy loopy, wackadoos.

I, in reality, had a visceral reaction whenever I heard the word stated, examine it in an article or noticed my fingers typing it on my laptop screen.

Not any extra.

Here is what I have realized and right here is what I actually have encouraged to the heaps of participants of my Cougar relationship web page: YOU outline what a Cougar is for yourself. Do not allow the media. Your buddies, other Cougars, more youthful men or so referred to as “professionals” inform you a way to outline your self as a Cougar. There are basic elements that do make up the definition: an older woman who dates, friends and/or marries a more youthful guy. That is the fundamental standards. You do not should seem like Courteney Cox, have Demi Moore’s money, have Madonna’s self-assurance, or Cher’s fulfillment to be a Cougar. People who say a Cougar is a “attractive, assured, successful, mature female who is aware of what she needs” is leaving out the majority of ladies who remember themselves Cougars however who may not achieve success or attractive or confident. In truth, she can be clean out of a 20 yr stale marriage, up to her eyeballs in debt and feel insecure approximately those greater 20 pounds, however, reveals that she is drawn to and open to a relationship with a younger man.

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