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We live in such a digitized world. When we wake up in the morning we have our cell phone right next to our bed and the first thing we do is to turned on our devices to see who contacted us, how many missed calls or messages did we receive?

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Did anyone respond to our facebook or instagram messages? How many likes or views did I receive on that recent post. We seem to believe that our self worth is based on the “likes” or “views” received from the public. Whiles getting ready or even in our commute we still try juggle our digital lives into the scene, even when most inconvenient. We seem to always be connected to some form of technology throughout our day, whether it be on an ipad, laptop or cellphone. This new change in society has brought forth a lot of technological advancement which has enabled us to gain further understanding of the world. This change however has unfortunately brought to an age of disconnected and coldness as we are no longer interacting with each other physically but instead technologically.

The screen time estimation of an adult is currently set to approximately nine hours a day!  That is extremely excessive and should not be a situation that we accept. Considering however the amount of times we find ourselves sitting behind the desk whiles working, or playing or chatting we can thus observe that the stated number of hours is accurate. We are in the predicament that cannot be reversed it seem, so we would have to unfortunately work around it in order for the situation to not break us down. Protectors for screens have been manufactured in order for the impact on the eyes to diminish. Blue blocker glasses, ergonomic seats, mouse and keyboards have also been created in order to better assist us with the usage of technology.


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