4 Factors to Decide Between French Patio and Sliding Doors Saskatoon

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Whether homeowners want to replace the exterior door of the backyard or have just expanded the dining room/kitchen, it is obvious to choose either a French door or sliding door.

Although each door has its own features and facilities, experts suggest to follow a systematic procedure to find the best option for their homes. All they have to do is to get more information based on the following key factors:

  1. Style and Appearance

French doors Saskatoon are famous to add classic and traditional touch, especially when they are divided by mullions. Having the property to open outward, French doors allow inhabitants to either enjoy outside views or privacy as they want. They are basically the combination of a window and door that make the property a quintessential venue.

On the contrary, sliding doors Saskatoon have been in trend since decades. They are popular in some regions of the world, like Asia because of their Asian structure. They offer the facility to separate rooms from one another without compromising over versatility. They are the best source to save space as they used to move on a track horizontally.

  1. Ventilation and Light

When it comes to replacing old windows and doors Saskatoon, light and ventilation turn out to be the crucial factors. While considering French or sliding doors, it is necessary to understand that they offer almost the similar level of light as most of the structure is made of glass.

However, for ventilation, sliding doors Saskatoon have got an edge because of their sliding screens. French doors do not contain a second screen door that become an easy way for pet, bugs and other outside elements to enter the rooms. Sliding doors are provided with this screen that performs its work efficiently and does not disturb internal atmosphere in any way.

  1. Repair and Maintenance

No doubt, every part of the home needs maintenance and repair after a certain time. But, when it comes to taking care of doors, hinged units are usually quite easy to handle as compared to sliding ones.

Most of the time, the sliding units go out of the track and become quite difficult to fix. Since they frequently slide on one track, the wheels or rollers may get damaged over time. Homeowners have to perform periodic maintenance in order to ensure proper performance. Comparatively, French doors are quite easy to take care of. Homeowners just have to pay attention on their periodic maintenance or hinge replacement in order to avoid further problems.

  1. Availability of Space

Last but not the least, availability of space in the rooms dictates which door to go for. Since French doors swing outward, chances are high that they might block the way or bump against the furniture. On the other hand, sliding doors do not take extra space and offer convenience at all cost.


After comparing French patio and sliding doors Saskatoon on the following four factors, homeowners are rest assured that French units are dependable, secure and look amazing when installed properly. While, both door types can provide optimal energy efficiency, durability and reliability. It’s just about making the right choice!

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