Why do some writers fail to attract readers to their blog?

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It is relatively easy for all of them to develop a blog and attract many readers. The challenge lies in keeping the readers interested in the posts you come up with on your blog. Everyone has to admit that the interest level of the audience change from time to time. With this readers’ attitude, it becomes tough for a writer to manage everything at once. As a writer, you hold many responsibilities when you publish a post on your blog, which can happen only when the pros and cons of anonymous blogs and anonymity are known. The main reason why many writers find it challenging to keep the blogs interesting is, as mentioned below. We have tried our level best to develop all the points that could help you not commit the same mistakes when writing your blog.

attract readers to their blog

Some writers are too lethargic

a lot of writers develop an attitude of lethargy once they get the hang of writing. They would conclude knowing everything, even without studying. Such writers will never be able to cater to the readers’ needs because their knowledge would be too shallow.

Lacks researching skills

attract readers to their blog

Most of the writers do not spend time researching. They feel that they are already aware of everything that is happening in and around them. With this behavior, they will never be able to launch themselves into a new genre of writing. As a writer, it becomes important to explore different writing styles to keep the readers interested in the posts.

Tries to find shortcuts

With cutting-edge technology lot of writing tools are available. However, these tools can never replace what human being does. Some extremely lazy writers will try to use these writing tools and create stories that are not effective.

Plagiarizes the content

attract readers to their blog

An ethical writer will never get into the practice of plagiarism. But, a lot of today’s writers consider plagiarism to be excellent. When the content is copied from one source to another, it becomes easy for the reader to find out that you are not writing original content. Hence copying the data completely from one source to the other should be avoided.

Pays no attention to the readers

As a writer, it is important to understand the significance of the readers. You might develop a masterpiece, but if there is no proper audience to cater to, then the writing goes futile. Hence it is essential to pay attention to the readers who visit your blog to make money from an anonymous blog.

Tries to focus only to satisfy their need

attract readers to their blog

Some of the writers are completely into themselves. It is agreeable that a writer should develop a write up to quench their thirst for writing. However, if you want to monetize through your anonymous blog post, it is essential that you keep your audience in mind and then develop your write-ups.

Does not go through the reference websites

Some of the writers operate in terms of ego. They would have finalized on a topic, and even without going to the reference websites to understand the subject deeper, they would start getting into writing. Such write-ups would never be informative as the writer would only provide their point of view to the readers. It is also important to understand the kind of content that a competitive blog develops to make you write the best.

Find it too hard to get accustomed to the technology.

That is a lot of technological advancements, even in the space of writing on an anonymous blog. Some of the writers fail to acknowledge these advancements and stick to the traditional system. They would completely forget that the leaders belong to this generation, and they would be technically well versed. When the paste of the writer and the reader do not match, then the blog fails.

Does not know how to compile a list of interesting topics

attract readers to their blog

Some writers fail to come up with an interesting list of topics. It becomes essential to understand the topics being dealt with by the competitive blog posts and then prepare your topics accordingly to interest them. Along with all these things, if a writer fails to engage the audience properly with the content, the writing style, and also the topics, the anonymous blog post collapses. If a writer follows all the steps, it becomes easier for them to attract a large audience on their blog. When all the steps are performed accurately, the readers will be interested in reading all the posts you write.

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