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Top Travel Destinations in Malaysia

Malaysia has become a popular travel destination because of its rich cultural heritage, the unique blend of Indian, Chinese and Malay culture and the wide array of annual festivities. It is also a home to beautiful beaches and authentic crafts and international fine dining which allures tourist from all over the world. While Malaysia tour packages can be easier and more convenient to travel, we are here to give you the brief highlights that you have been wanting ever since you started planning your trip.

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  1. Penang

Penang paints an image of soft, sandy beaches and therefore nicknamed “Pearl of the Orient”. George Town, another small colonial area is a UNESCO world heritage site that is very popular amongst photographers and art enthusiasts. Pulau Penang, a small island in Penang gives you the opportunity to witness the breathtaking cityscapes from afar. The durian farms nearby is another popular destination for visitors of Pulau Penang.

  1. Melaka

Melaka or Malacca, is a charming city and a UNESCO world heritage site because of its history in trade and the multicultural influence that the trade encouraged in the city. Located in the southwestern pensinsula, the panomaric beauty from the Taming Sari Revolving Tower is breathtaking. Stadthuys is a popular landmark and is famous for its blazing red walls. It was later converted into a ethnography and history museum

  1. Kuala Lumpur

The capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, is a unique blend of art, food and architecture. They have stunning temples embellished with Chinese architecture. The Islamic Arts Museum in Kuala Lumpur dates back to the times when the Malays embraced islam with open arms. It houses artifacts from India, China and many other Middle Eastern and Arab countries round the world.

  1. Langkawi

Langkawi is one of the most natural landscape in Malaysia and is a popular choice for couple getaways and honeymoons. The vast, open roads lead you to the picturesque beaches of Pantai Cenang, Datai Bay, Tanjhung Rhu and many more. You can walk around the Langkawi Sky Bridge or take the cable car ride. It is also a popular shopping destination with all the malls with showrooms of every other high-end brand including furniture, electronics, antiques and apparel.

  1. Mataking

Mataking or Mataking Island or Pulau Mataking, is a small island in eastern Malaysia and has two parts: Mataking Kecil, the smaller island and Mataking Baesar, the bigger island. Getting around the islands is easy via boats or via foot (it is hardly a twenty-minute walk and it is highly convenient). Scuba diving and deep-sea diving are common water adventure activities in the region. Moreover, most of the instructors do speak English which is an advantage. We recommend you get a travel insurance since accidents do happen sometimes.

Malaysia has numerous tourist attractions and it can be overwhelming to zero in on your destinations but we hope that equipped with the information on the above-mentioned places, it will make your planning a little easier.


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