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The Best Vaporizer Prep Routines

If you want the absolute best vaporizer session and want the most out of your weed from your particular model, then you need to keep in mind a few things like the prep routine. Very small aspects of your session can have a pretty big impact on the overall quality and flavor of the vapor you get, and can make all the difference in how you feel afterwards. Not everyone is amazing with the internet or even aware of all the forums and platforms from which they can get information like this, so never hesitate to share this sort of info with your friends and family if you see them also get a vaporizer but not know exactly how to get the most out of it.
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The number one thing to consider when preparing your session is the consistency of the ground up herb. There’s no one right answer for the perfectly ground up weed when it comes to vaporizing because heating chambers and vapor paths are all made differently. Still, there’s a general rule of wanting a very fine grind so that the most surface area possible is exposed to heat. This helps it vaporize in an evenly distributed fashion as well as do so more efficiently with less energy, and therefore saving you some battery life. Like I said, the perfect sized grind is a myth and will take some experimentation with whatever vape you happen to have, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to see results if you keep it in mind whenever you pull out your grinder.

Grab yourself a drink. This one seems pretty intuitive or maybe insignificant, but it’s a known fact that some people with sensitive throats can get a pretty irritating itch from the dryness of vapor, and this can be affected by the type of strain, the temperature settings, and the materials in your vape, so for the most comfortable and best vaporizer session just grab a drink, hot or cold whatever. Having a drink with you and taking a sip between pulls can make all the difference to quell a horribly annoying cough. Most of the few people out there who experience this irritation say it becomes a non-issue if they have a drink to sip on with them. There’s a lot more you can do to prep your vape sesh of course, but everyone should have their own personal rituals right?

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