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I’ve got a lovable bunch of London hacks, bum-ba-be-bum. Here they may be a-quoted all underneath. Your Hack, Your City columnist, is on Dayquil nowadays and conscious enough to guide you via the best tips for London, gathered from our clever and probably beautiful readers in advance this week. Look at the complete thread, or read the best of the excellent proper here. Each Monday on Hack Your City, we ask readers for your exceptional guidelines on a city: using suggestions, restaurant recs, things to do, and every other recommendation for visitors and locals. Then on Thursday, we gift the high-quality comments. We’re running our manner around the U.S. And the world.


Places to Go

Reader semangeloph1 has several true recommendations, along with a church to visit:

I advocate for a church provider in one of the vintage churches in London. My favorite is Temple Church (unsurprisingly sufficient on the give up of the Strand near Temple tube forestall.) It’s a 12th-century church built by the Knights Templar in the spherical fashion they have been fairly well-known for. The acoustics are excellent, and the overdue morning carrier commonly has an all-male choir that shouldn’t be missed.

Kate L indicates some much less-apparent museums:

Yes, visit the massive beasts just like the V&A and the Science Museum, but also visit Dennis Severs’s residence to study what London changed into like lower back in the day, in a completely original manner, visit Sigmund Freud’s home, to examine what he became surely like and visit the Leighton House Museum to look terrific artwork and sculpture and the cool animated film museum to see early life favorites and new and interesting satirists. London seems outstanding from above. Do You Like Kipling? Is aware of a good vantage factor:

Skip the London Eye and head to the Sky Garden. It’s loose (you should make a reservation). It’s the top of a workplace constructed with an amazing indoor lawn that overlooks all of London. There are an outdoor terrace and a bar that has the most lovely cocktails. Try some of these eating places, encouraged by dune buggy. (There are lots extra in their authentic comment.)

For tremendous Indian food, visit Dishoom; a few are dotted around. Their breakfast naan is an extraordinary manner to start the day. However, more genuine South Asian meals in the grimier environment can be discovered at Tayyabs or Lahore Kebab House in Whitechapel, just east of the metropolis. Ranoush Juice (in various locations) does fantastic Lebanese food and shawarma at reasonable costs. Some gastropubs do appropriate meals, but they’re high-priced. For a quick and fairly wholesome lunch, discover a branch of Leon.

Reader asulliv12 indicates some historic attractions:

Churchill War Rooms. Hidden London excursions: Awesome tours of disused tube stations and different cool elements of underground London. Operated with the aid of the London Transport Museum, those sell out speedy.

Go swimming, says the megalosaurus:

If it’s summer, the must-do first-rate thing in London (I assume) is to head swimming in the ponds on Hampstead Heath. There are men’s, ladies’, or mixed ponds, it costs more than one quid, and it’s a precise revel in. There aren’t any lockers, so leave your valuables at home. Here’s a smart hack. Get a 2-for-1 deal to some famous vacationer sights, says Mr. Barraclough: National Rail gives out a book called the Days Out Guide for free in any respect rail stations; ask at a ticket counter. The lower back is those 2-for-1 admissions coupons for the places featured in the manual, the Tower of London, Kew Gardens, etc. To use one of the coupons, you must have a ticket from any National Rail-affiliated railway dated that same day.

The price tag is not required to be used, and any price ticket bearing the National Rail emblem will do (so the Tube or the DLR don’t remember). The non-refundable price tag from Waterloo to Richmond is set at £four for an unmarried one-manner. Eighty qualifies (actual education ticket, no longer an Underground fare, mind). Places like the Tower cost upwards of £24 so that £five ticket to Richmond or anywhere just outside the metropolis is well worth it. The only trouble is that you may buy qualifying tickets at any Tube forestall; it must be one of the principal ones with National Rail services. But the probabilities are you’ll pass through one of the main stations like Paddington, Waterloo, London Bridge, King’s Cross, etc. Anyway.

The Tube is the quality way to get across the metropolis until you’re sufficiently close to stroll, says PJISOLBP. You continually pick out the Underground! The bus service is amazing. However, you’ll constantly be quicker on the Tube, despite changing lines, although don’t count on any non-public area. The buses are the first-rate way to go if you’re heading out closer to the suburbs or within the gaps between strains. However, be privy to the real distances among Tube stations. When I became operating in South Ken, we used to get a laugh at the Americans queuing to get the Tube as much as Knightsbridge – the following forestall – for Harrods. You spend five minutes strolling down to the platform, journeying, and any other five minutes getting back to the surface, and it turns out to be a five-minute stroll from where you began. Cabs are available for the “final mile” of a journey. However, the wide variety of one-way streets within the metropolis center means the journey can be much greater “roundabout” than expected.

Get the global transit app CityMapper, says Mr. Barraclough:

Yay for CityMapper! I can’t advocate that app sufficient for navigating London. While the Tube can be manageable for the human mind, making effective use of the buses is impossible for a traveler without CityMapper. And even for folks that can navigate the Tube properly unaided, the estimated tour instances function is super for identifying when you want to depart your resort and get to your vacation spot on time.

CakeBurner has tips for a handy London journey:

I went to London this past summer season and discovered loads while I turned into there. We needed accessible routes, so we had a unique requirement there. The Underground is brilliant, and the employees are EXTREMELY helpful. Not all Underground stations are reachable, but ALL of the buses are. We determined a general rule of thumb: Use the Plan a Journey site. It’s a lifestyle saver. If the experience on a bus lasts more than 25 minutes, take the Underground. It is NOT important to wait for the gates to close earlier than maintaining your Oyster card at the yellow reader till it beeps. Realistically you’re the simplest saving seconds to your journey; however, as a Londoner, getting held up behind vacationers that do the entire waiting recreation becomes pretty grating.

Don’t get run over, says panther cougar:

Remember the appearance on your proper while crossing a road seeing that site visitors travel on the other side. I was amazed at how difficult this turned out to get used to as a pedestrian when I spent some time inside the UK. “In London, the pedestrian does NOT have the right of manner,” provides asulliv12.

We’ll leave you with a few last quick guidelines:

Campus pubs are allowed to promote booze more inexpensively than the same old criminal restriction, says There Are Four Lights. But you’ll need a scholar to get you in, says Park London. “Buy a UK sim card with a records plan and use Google Maps,” says another_average_joe. “UK cell service is much better and inexpensive than the US.” If you don’t have a chip-and-PIN card yet, get one, says Chip Overclock. “We’re no longer a tipping culture,” says JoeMak. An optionally available 10% service price is generally added to your invoice anyway.”

London’s education machine is divided into zones. “If you live at a motel out of doors Zone 1 (or maybe near outdoor Zone 1, like Earl’s Court), you may keep a bunch of cash,” says pF5a. Remember that London is toward the North Pole more than any predominant U.S. Metropolis except Anchorage. CakeBurner visited within the summer: “The solar didn’t cross down till about 10:30 PM and changed into again up at 3:30 AM. That, in reality, took some getting used to.” “Find the closest Konditor & Cook save and order their curly wurly brownie,” says LL365. “And visit The Regency cafe for breakfast close to Horseferry Road and pretend you’re in a Guy Richie movie.”

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