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Reasons You Need To Transcribe audio to text

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Audio transcription is basically the conversion of audio into text form. It is beneficial as it enables you to create content from a video or post the audio format of an interview, podcast, or speech. In general terms, audio transcription focuses on words you hear, and detailed audio transcriptions may include background noises, pauses in dialogues, or music.

Below are some reasons that specify why you need to transcribe audio to text :

Transcribe audio to text

1) Boost website SEO and organic traffic:

Search engines like google can not crawl for audio and videos for data like it does for text. Similarly, most search engine users only click on the links on the first page of search results. Transcribing audio to text online will enable your website to rank better in search engine results. Hence audio transcriptions give search engines means of data for indexing your content. Also, turning audio to text gives search engines better access to your content and helps them find specific keywords you want to rank for, which will ultimately increase your organic search results.

2) Some users prefer textual content:

Sometimes, the users may be in a noisy area, forgot their headphones, or choose textual content. Transcription of audio to text will provide such users access to your content. People with a busy schedule always prefer to get specific information quickly. They may not have enough time to surf videos for a particular source of knowledge they want to grasp. Even because of timing, location, or just personal preferences, not everyone can consume audio-based content at all times. Transcribing audio to text gives people faster and quick access to search exactly what they need.

3) Useful for non-native speakers:

Transcription of audio to text enables non-native speakers to better understand and connect with your content. Also, the reader is much easier to be translated into other languages. Even if your audio is not in their native language, non-native speakers can use online translation services. Audio transcription can also be useful for international students as it will help them to understand the content.

4) Improvises the experience of your website user:

When you transcribe audio to text, you tend to improvise the background of your website user. It leads to easy searching of information from a video, podcast, interview, or speech. Also, it helps people retain the information and consume the content in a way they desire. When you enable transcription from audio to text-based content, you give users multiple options making things easier for them.

5) Increases the number of social media shares:

A significant advantage of transcribing audio to text is the increase in the number of social media shares. The better the user’s experience on your website, the more time they spend on your site, the more convenient they feel, which ultimately leads to increased shares. Transcription of audio to text appeals to more consumers, improves your SEO, and encourages users to share the content.

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