Infertility is a condition, not a disease

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Infertility can be a very alarming term for most married couples who have tried for pregnancy and haven’t conceived. The fact that infertility is scary and the decreasing success rate of infertility treatments adds more fuel to the fire. Every time a fertility doctor meets a couple, he would want to know the lifestyle and the habits of the couple. These things help in evaluating the reason for infertility and correcting harmful habits, which can help in reversing infertility.


Infertility has become a common phenomenon, and this is no longer a deadly disease. In the first place, infertility is not a disease. It is a condition because of which a couple finds it difficult to enter parenthood. The condition can sometimes go on its own. But most of them do not have the patience to wait for it to go on its own and seek medical help. When you visit a fertility clinic in Mumbai or any other city, the first thing you need to go through is a counseling session. This is your first touchpoint to the treatment. This counseling session is very crucial. This is where you need to be very open to your doctor, helping the doctor understand your condition very well. This will also help him or her frame the right treatment plan for you.

Once the counseling session is over, the next thing is your fertility test. Tests will be done for both male and female partners. The male fertility test is the semen analysis, and it is done to evaluate the semen for sperm density, motility, and quality of the sperms. This test is a typical evaluation of male fertility health. For a female, the test will be an ultrasound or a vaginal sonogram. This will help evaluate the female fertility health in terms of uterus and ovaries position, fallopian tube’s health, and possible risk evaluation like fibroids and cysts. In most of the fertility clinics in Gurgaon, these tests are available, and hence you needn’t search for clinics.

After the test results are out, it will be obvious where the problem lies. Most of the time, the problem will be with one of the partners and sometimes with both of them. In either of these cases, the treatment options are simplified. The effectiveness quotient will be revealed even before the treatment proceeds—the rate of success increases as to proceed with the IVF cycle. Younger couples have higher chances of conceiving than older couples. This is due to hormonal activities. The advanced fertility technology is a boon to many young couples, which is helping them conceive.

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