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How to Choose a Perfect Mattress for your Child

A good night sleep is essential to your child’s active routine and health. It is during the night time when the whole body grows – both physically and mentally, especially for young children whose bones and hormones are developing rapidly. The bed is, in fact, one of the places where the generation of today spends most of the time on. Having said that, the importance of the sleep mattress can be brought into the picture. A good mattress improves the body posture and bone strength and deep sleep cycles which are crucial for promoting a healthy life of your child.

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However, it is important to note that not all mattresses are created equal. There are abundant mattress suppliers and manufacturers, each of them dealing in different variety and quality. So, how would you choose a mattress that is perfect for your child? Well, here are some of the tips to help you to pick the best one-

Choose the right type and size

Just like adults mattresses, there is an array of mattress options available for children. Ranging from open-sprung, pocket-sprung to memory foam and latex foam varieties, each of these offer tremendous benefits to children sleeping on it. Another thing to consider is the type of mattress support system. As a parent, you must be aware that children have a tendency of rolling over the bed while sleeping and need proper support to reduce fidgeting and discomfort. So, always look for mattresses that have innerspring coils and memory foam. This allows your child to sleep sound and safe. In addition, pick the right size of the mattress that fits the bed perfectly and also accommodate your child well when he/she steps into adulthood.

Quality should be a priority

The most important thing while buying a mattress is the quality of materials with which it is made of. Some mattresses are built of synthetic material causing irritation on the skin, problems in breathing, and also other health issues. So, if your child is sensitive, it is better to opt for an organic mattress which has not used any chemicals but is rather made of natural materials like cotton, organic wool, silk, natural latex, bamboo, etc. Since a good quality mattress has a direct effect on the bones, especially on the spinal cord, it becomes crucial to buy a quality mattress that keeps your spine and neck in a neutral position thereby minimizing all sorts of stress on it. Remember- a mattress should be soft enough to provide comfort and firm enough to support your spine.

Last, but not least, always buy a mattress from a reputable retailer who provides you with right kind of information regarding the materials used in manufacturing the mattress and offers a range of options to cater the needs of all sorts of sleepers. You can buy it from a brand you trust or can even talk to your friends, family or relatives to suggest a brand that they have used for their kids.


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