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How Fake GPS is Helpful for Bumble in 2021

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Bumble is a location-based dating app that facilitates communication between interested parties. It is one of the most loving apps among people to make new friends and search for partners. It would help if you created a profile by putting information about yourself. You can also add your picture for more clarity to the other party. Bumble uses your current location to find a potential match for you. Further, it uses information that fits well with your preferences for gender, age, and how far they are from your destination. But it only shows you profiles of people near your current location.


So, there might be a question about how to fake your location to find a suitable match from another country.

This article will discuss why there is a need to fake GPS in Bumble, GPS spoofing iPhone, and how to fake GPS on Bumble.

Take a look!


Part 1- Why You Should Fake GPS in Bumble

Bumble is a dating app that is gaining popularity with millions of people over the world. This app offers multiple exciting options as well as features to its users. But most of the time, you cannot benefit from these options due to restrictions in your country. Also, it only shows you profiles from your location. This is why people want to change their location on Bumble to unlock new profiles and get more options for perfect matches. You can overcome these restrictions by faking location on iPhone or Android. You can also contact Bumble to change your location manually through a paid membership known as Bumble Boost. But unfortunately, you cannot change your present location completely but can only adjust it through your premium account. Also, Bumble can detect your current area through your Phone’s IP, even if the GPS is disabled. Therefore, you must spoof Bumble with iSpoofer iOS and another tool to fool the app about your current location. When you fake GPS on Bumble, you can make friends worldwide and hide your site from unknown people.

Part 2- How to Fake Location on Bumble – Android

If you are an Android user, putting a fake Bumble location is not a big deal. Many location changer apps are available on the Google Play store that you can install on your Android phone. But, to use such apps, you must enable the Developer Option on your Android phone. Below are the steps to help you understand how to fake a location on Bumble.

Step-1: First, go to your Android device’s settings and then to System/Software Info > About Phone and tap on the “Build Number” option seven times to unlock Developer Options.


Step-2: When the Developer Options are enabled on your device, go to Settings > Developer Options and allow a mock location feature.


Step-3: Now, you go to the Play Store and search for a reliable fake GPS app and install it.


Step-4: After installing the fake GPS application of your choice, you have to

  • Open Settings
  • Tap on System
  • Tap on Developer Options
  • Then scroll down to Select mock location app and press it


Step-5: Now, you can open the fake GPS application and change your location anywhere.

After setting a new location, you can launch Bumble, and it believes you to be in the place you have navigated on the map.


Why is there a need to recheck the changed location?

Suppose you want to check whether the fake location is working correctly; just close Bumble from your Android device by swiping it from the recent apps list. Then you can check the background of your match and can evaluate it to your actual site. It is advisable to check the site because Bumble may find that you are changing your location. Sometimes, it tries to put your site, which matches your current IP address. If this happens, you can also use a VPN to check your sites. It acts as a guard to protect your device from automatically changing the site according to the IP address.

Part 3- How to Fake GPS Bumble for iOS in One Click

If you are an iPhone user, you can use Dr.Fone – Virtual Location to spoof your current location anywhere. It helps you track your Bumble app’s location feature and unlock multiple new profiles for your new site. You can easily use the Dr.Fone application on your iOS and do not require access to jailbreak your device. The best part is that it supports all models of iOS devices, whether new or old. Are you willing to learn how to change your current location on Bumble using Dr.Fone – Virtual Location? Use the given below steps carefully:

Step-1: First, you need to download Dr.Fone to your system.


Step-2: Now, agree with the terms and conditions, then click on the Virtual Location button in the Toolbox panel.


Step-3: Enter the location you want to spoof with your actual place in the text box and click ‘Move Here.’


Step-4: Now, you can check your new location on your iOS device map and use Bumble from your new site to access plenty of new profiles.


Depending on your needs, you can also turn off the location within the Bumble app or on your device. Therefore, you can stop people from looking for your site if you do not want to. The best part is that you can still check and message those persons with whom you are already connected after turning off the location.


Now, you can easily change your present location on Bumble and can enjoy dating with your partner. To change the Bumble location on your iOS, you can opt for Dr.Fone – Virtual Location, as it is a safe and secure tool for fake GPS. For Android, there are multiple third-party apps available that you can install from Google Play Store.

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