Enterprise hits and misses – the 2017 cheeky blogger awards edition

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Yep, it’s the very last hits and misses of 2017. In that manner, I hand out some cheeky awards to the agency blogging community – as usually, mistaken for framing. Plus: whiffs galore.

MyPOV: Den rounds up our event season by reviewing the UK leg of the Future of Operations within the Robotic Age (FORA) occasion, organized through HfS Research. RPA (Robotics Process Automation) sounds nifty enough. But does it live up to the hype? After immersing with practitioners and analysts, Den concludes: The HSBC case is the maximum complete and unique instance I’ve visible of RPA in movement but with clearly described targets in mind, which can be approximately realigning customer service to consumer needs. As HSBC placed it, this isn’t about removing people or forcing customers into a botty called middle hell:

There is a sense in which we have forgotten that we’re meant to be supplying a human-to-human interplay because of the herbal manner we assume to get things carried out. So I don’t want to position robots everywhere to replace humans, but I need gear that helps the call middle agent do a better activity…. Anyone not always considering robots for a spread of duties lacks the factor. You can count on masses of dialogue on this topic in 2018. We’ll be pushing to be used instances at the realistic aspect of AI, automation, and machine getting to know. You understand the unsexy facet in which organizations (once in a while) get matters executed….

blogger awards

Pier 1 Imports is nevertheless considering want for a cell app as the proportion price is going off the top of the pier – The vacations aren’t typed to all outlets, especially virtual laggards – as Stuart notes in pungent prose. Sidenote: Ping me if you’re heading to NRF’s Big Show in January and need to chinwag. Cloud infrastructure companies provide design guidance, but more assistance is wished – Kurt doesn’t suppose cloud companies are doing sufficient to assist agency architects – right here’s why it’s the subject. Marketers need to now not do four matters in 2018 – and one they should – Marketers will locate masses of vivid new analytics and hyped-up social sentiment toys underneath the tree this yr. Not so rapid, she warns. There’s a data venture that needs looking after first. Vendor analysis, diginomica fashion. Here are my three pinnacle alternatives from our supplier insurance:

How Salesforce Einstein AI makes BI predictive at FinancialForce – Phil explores how a key Salesforce platform associate is putting “Einstein” to work. Making feel of the styles is the rub: “The device getting to know has turned up several predictive styles from the records which might be beneficial for coping with patron attrition. For instance, if a patron has carried out and used custom items that tailor the FinancialForce packages to their enterprise, that’s a sturdy indicator they’ll renew. On the alternative hand, overdue payment doesn’t correlate with churning — regularly, it’s surely a trademark of the scale or complexity of the enterprise.” Oracle hit as Wall Street’s grasping appetite for cloud cash isn’t sated – Stuart parses a revenue record that doesn’t quite satiate enterprise-clueless fussy traders.

SugarCRM CEO – ignore AI “parlor tricks” and consciousness on people
 – AI “parlor tricks?” It’s now not every day we discover a dealer throwing bloodless water on AI. Chris found one. Sugar’s CEO: “I’ve been a skeptic about how AI is often placed as this magic generation that will clear up all matters. And in our industry, humans regularly maintain the concept that customers will talk to a robotic and communicate with the AI rather than someone.

But I don’t think that will show up – well, it can appear for mundane tasks, and that’s an awesome element as it will take humans far away from matters that don’t upload price. However, I assume we’ve got an extended manner to head earlier than AI is doing people alternative.” Jon’s grab bag – Den’s got a tonic for people caught within the net neutrality bell jar: Net neutrality – the fat lady hasn’t sung. Stuart has a stinging take on pending mega-media merger: Mickey Mouse meets Murdoch – media digital disruption was given.

Through the vacations, check out individual quality-of holiday roundups if you want a spoil from an eggnog overdose and hard “I love this gift – without a doubt, I do!” products returns. Den and Derek have published theirs – lots extra to move! Yep, it’s Time for the year to cease hits/misses awards; still wrong for framing. Drumroll: “Best batting average according to a blog submit award” – Blogging is less approximately frequency and greater around the consider that whenever I click on your paintings, the effort and first-rate may be bloody apparent:

Stephen O’Grady – With posts like What’s Scary approximately Amazon Web Services, RedMonk’s Stephen O’Grady is within the winner’s circle once more. Lora Cecere – Cecere hit a nice balance between volume and great. Strong views and excellent facts, alongside non-public tales, make her a supply chain should study, although I’m still unsure what a delivery chain shaman is. (Trust, But Verify) Frank Scavo does his thing occasionally; we need to coax him out a bit extra in 2018 (Manufacturing is a big opportunity for cloud ERP). Phil Fersht – It seems like a weekend of concerns over the future of the service’s enterprise in the face of AI and automation constantly winds Fersht up. The result: a blistering Monday missive (Since when did AI become the task introduction antidote to automation’s activity destruction? Time for an augmented truth take a look at). Be careful on April Fool’s Day; Fersht likes to trick you.

“Most probably to seem in hits and misses awards”– Based on yet another (extraordinarily) unscientific matter, this year’s winners are Lora Cecere, Phil Fersht, Hank Barnes, and of direction, Holger “red shoes at the tarmac” Mueller. And no, appearances inside the “whiffs” segment don’t matter. “Fresh voice reducing thru the BS” award” Alas, fresh running a blog voice inside the agency is hard to come back using nowadays.

Fintan Ryan – Ryan’s been at RedMonk for some time now, but I began tracking his paintings more intently this year. (Voice and the Future of the Platform Companies). Yeah, he got a mention closing yr. However, this year, he sealed it.

Upper edge – This organization blog has been around for a while. However, they hit their stride in 2017 as an essential client voice. In the past, UpperEdge struggled with the balance between blatant service merchandising of their blog content. This year they dug into the perils of negotiations with the mega-vendors extra continuously than everybody. (The Top 10 Internal Issues Impacting Vendor Relations). And now, let’s supply out some even cheekier honors.

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