Best 5 KineMaster Alternatives for Windows and Mac

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KineMaster has been one of the most promising and practical free video editing software for mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, and Android. It helps you achieve basic video editing tasks and provides you access to limited features like multiple blends, effects, editing modes, etc.

Why look for alternatives for KineMaster?

KineMaster is one of the unique and practical solutions for mobile devices. However, it is not available on Mac or Windows PC, which is one of the disadvantages of some advanced features. Finding a powerful video editor for Windows may be a tough choice, so we are selecting the top 5 KineMaster alternatives that you would find quite thrilling and unique in their own right.

Best KineMaster Alternatives for Windows and Mac

Having understood why we need to look for the best KineMaster alternatives for Windows and Mac, we will check out the excellent set of options you find quite compelling.

1. Wondershare Filmora

Filmora video editor from Wondershare is one of the excellent and powerful video editor software for Windows and Mac. It would make your editing experience quite efficient and playful at its best. An easy-to-use interface would make the Filmora video editor one of the most potent and unique options. The interface is divided into three sections: Library, Timeline, and Preview. There are no tricky sections that can be troublesome for the newbies.

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Some of the features that you would find impressive can include

Instant Mode and Preset templates

Filmora lets you create videos without hassles, even if you don’t have any professional skills. With Instant Mode, all you need to do is to add the media you want to edit, choose the template, and then it will use the best combinations to create a video automatically.

Professional video effects

Filmora video editor comes with plenty of options in terms of video effects and transitions. You will find various advanced options that include numerous video effects, including titles, transitions, effects, elements, and audio. The seamless integration of OpenFX techniques such as Boris FX and NewBlue FX would help you create more unique cinematic videos.

Best 5 KineMaster Alternatives for Windows and Mac 1

Auto beat Sync

You can easily match the footage with the music in Filmora, and the Auto beat Sync automatically edits the footage for a robust sync. The ability to sync the music with no editing skills can make it a truly exciting experience. The Auto Montage Maker is the first of its kind, making it the most powerful and efficient video editor software for Windows.

Audio editing

The audio editing options offered by Filmora should be what would make it a further enhancing experience. The Auto Ducking and Silence Detection features should make it an easy task to work with the music. Auto Ducking lets you lower the other tracks when recording voiceovers, narrations, translations, podcasts, YouTube videos, and other productions. Moreover, the Silent Detection feature is where Filmora detects the silent sections of the clip and automatically removes them based on your criteria.

2. Da Vinci Resolve

Da Vinci resolve is one of the unique tools for video editing and the perfect KineMaster alternative for some professional users. The efficient and effective color correction makes it a powerful tool in its own right. The advanced features such as audio editing, color correction, stereoscopic 3D tools, and DaVinci Neural Engine make it a formidable option.

DaVinci Resolve Pros

It can be one of the unique options for those of you who want to learn specialized editing features. It may be, however, noticed that it assists only those who have an in-depth understanding of the video editing framework.


  • Customizable transitions and library
  • Sophisticated features such as motion tracking
  • Multi-user collaboration


3. OpenShot

OpenShot is a free, simple-to-use video editor available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. It can be one of the excellent choices for newbies. In case you are looking for faster video editing without any editing skills, OpenShot can be a powerful choice for your expectations.

free video editing software for mac - openshot

One of the video editor’s strengths is its ability to create 3D animation. The multiple languages supported on the platform can further make it a genuinely all-inclusive video editor software for Windows and other media. It can be your prime choice for the best free video editing software.


  • Faster video editing capability
  • Built-in effects and animations
  • Support for 3D titles.


  • It can be buggy at times
  • It has been known to freeze sometimes

4. Movie Maker

Windows has been the most widely used operating system, and the Windows Movie Maker has been what has redefined the experience of video editing with a built-in performance. If you are a beginner in video editing, this should be your prime choice.

13 Free Alternatives to the Discontinued Windows Movie Maker

It does not come with any complicated steps, and that would make it a truly exciting choice ever. The simple edits such as trimming, merging multiple videos, adding audio and transition, and many other features would make it a formidable option.


  • Completely free
  • Powerful audio features
  • Sharing capabilities
  • Effects preview


  • No advanced editing features are available
  • It can be a little challenging to install

5. iMovie

Like Windows Movie maker, iMovie is a built-in tool for iOS or macOS devices. It can be the best for amateurs on a mac device and the best among the free video editors. The free video editor for Mac should make it a truly formidable and powerful choice.

iMovie Interface

The features that you would find all the most unique and powerful can include the efficient split screen effect and green screen effects. An excellent collection of options that would consist of titles and transitions that you would find easy to use and simple to work with.


  • A great collection of filters
  • A highly user-friendly interface
  • Powerful audio and video editing tools


  • Limited two audio and video tracks

To Sum It Up….

Video editing skills have been one of the most important in current times. KineMaster has been one of the promising tools for creating videos on mobile devices. However, the lack of a dedicated tool for desktops makes it a little annoying. While we have listed the best KineMaster alternatives here, we recommend Filmora video editor as one of the excellent options for enjoying a great degree of experience. Check out the tool and find how effective it can be for enjoying a vast degree of experience.

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