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A wardrobe essential to you might not be the same as an essential for someone else, however, there are certain things that everyone needs for their spring wardrobe. Whether it’s a slick pair of sunglasses, belted trousers, a button-up shirt or a pair of chunky sneakers. There’s an awful lot happening in the spring of 2018, where are you in shopping for the latest fashion trends?

  1. Sunglasses

Sure, you can keep your aviators if you want, you can keep wearing those oversized shades if you prefer, but the spring trend for 2018 is all about angles. Bold colors, chunky frames, all types of angles… this is how you add a bit of dimension to your overall look. Don’t be afraid to choose the colorful tint either, it’s in.

2. Chunky Sneakers

Whether you’re into Adidas or Nike, chunky sneakers of any brand are a winner this spring. Don’t be afraid to embrace the look most popularly found in the 1980s… worn by your dad. It’s bang on trend and ridiculously comfortable, too.

3. Oversized Hoodie

The athleisure trend continues and for the foreseeable future, you’re going to want to keep a trendy oversized hoodie on hand to pair with leggings and those chunky sneakers. It’s the perfect choice for night-time trips to the beach or hanging out in the park as the sun goes down and the chill comes on.

4. Two-Tone Button up

You find a shirt with your favorite solid collar and it features a different shade of that color on buttons, pockets, collars, and even a portion of the back. Once reserved for cowboys, this trend is back this spring and this time, it’s for everyone. It’s a stylish, but subtle, look that goes with just about everything else in your wardrobe. You can go casual with skinny jeans or dress it up with a skirt, that’s the beauty of the two-tone button up – it’s versatile.

5. Midi Dress

Don’t worry, maxi dresses aren’t out – they’re still very much a great option, but what about the midi dress? It’s long been overshadowed by its longer cousin and why should it be? They offer the same incredible floral patterns and provide you with a bit of edgy style for the warmer season. So, sure, wear your maxi dresses, but if you’re ready to show off a bit of leg embrace the midi dress.

6. Boxy Jeans

Last year, we saw the rise of mom jeans and this year? It’s boxy jeans that are all the rage. I think there’s one thing we can all agree on – skinny jeans are going nowhere, but sometimes you want a dressier look from your denim and you can get that with boxy jeans. Choose your favorite pair of heels and pair your boxy jeans with a fitted blouse for the perfect first date look.

You can stick with just one or two or go for all of them, whatever you choose – you’re sure to execute the spring trends perfectly as long as you stick to the basic rules of fashion. Remember, fashion is all about building a base of amazing neutral pieces that go with anything – you can mix and match and add in pops of trend and color to take your outfits to the next level. For affordable wardrobe upgrades use accessories to make your outfit pop. If you want to keep up to date with all the latest wardrobe trends then make sure you’re following, you’ll get all the info on new makeup trends, good buys for fashion-lovers, and what other fashion essentials may be trending.

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