5 Tips for Choosing the Best Soffit and Fascia Services

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Soffits and fascia are an important part of your home exteriors. They provide aesthetic appeal and are also functional as they are responsible for maintaining airflow near the roof area and preventing the rotting of wooden panels.

Fascia Services

They also help to keep out bats, cats, or birds from entering through the roof. Fascia is also structurally important as an eavestrough system is usually attached to it. Having proper soffit and fascia installed in your home is a sure way to increase its value. But to install it, you will need help from some professionals. To choose the best soffit and fascia services, we have compiled 5 essential tips-

Get References

You should start consulting your friends, relatives, and people around your community. If they have any experience with soffit installer, then ask them to share some tips and references. They can provide many key details, which are far more valuable than any online publication or review site. You can later check out your local listings and read any reviews if they are available.

Check their Offers and Products they Carry

You should see what services related to soffit and fascia do they offer. Many eavestrough and soffit contractors will carry installation, repair, replacement, and cleaning services. Maybe you can get a discount if you need multiple services at once. It would help if you also asked for what types of materials they use for the installations. There are many options like vinyl, aluminum, steel, wood, etc. You should research beforehand what will the best material for your usage scenario.

Check the Services’ Past Work

Any experienced contractor will have some records of their previous work. Ask him to share the photos of his previous work. Also, ask them to share real product photos. This is important because projects like soffit and fascia should be functional plus have the looks to match. The real-life project photos should available on their website and social media pages. You can easily see what kind of installation he does and if he will be the right one for your home or not.

Ask for their Insurance

When you get some references, you should start asking for the legal permissions and certifications along with the worker’s compensation insurance. It will save you from the hassles of liability and accidents in the future. Just don’t settle for any average insurance amount. Check it to see if it covers the whole amount of any potential damage. Don’t forget to check the dates as well.

Ask for Warranties in Written

Warranties and guarantees are different. Understand the difference between them. Soffit and fascia projects are not installed every day. A sound installation should work out for years. Most trusted and experienced contractors will do a satisfactory job that won’t require maintenance except for regular cleaning. But to ensure your own peace of mind, get a warranty. Get everything in writing and in a language that you can actually understand. You should also clear out any terms and conditions beforehand.

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