Top 10 WordPress Terms You Should Know

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My new WordPress clients are frequently confused approximately a number of the terminology of WordPress. This makes communicating with them about what they want from their WordPress websites and blogs tougher. So, I’ve determined to list the pinnacle 10 WordPress-associated terms every person who uses WordPress should realize.

Term 1: Themes

A theme is a group of documents that create your WordPress internet site or blog’s visual look. Articles are like ‘skins’ that you may, without problems, download, deploy and begin using for your site. Items can also include custom functions to offer you more control over your web page’s presentation and capability. In general, the handiest Theme may be used at a time.

Term 2: Templates

In WordPress, templates are considered several unique documents that manage how a selected page on your website is displayed. For instance, your subject may have a few web page layouts, possibly one with a sidebar and one without. Some templates manage the pinnacle of all your pages along with navigation, known as a “header,” the lowest of all of your pages, known as a “footer,” and “sidebars” (see underneath). Templates can also be created for a particular web page or put up, class, and lots more generous.


Term 3: Plugins

Plugins are a collection of files that you can download and install to feature your site’s specific capability. For instance, there are plugins for e-commerce, Search Engine Optimization to create unique abilities like a calendar or alter how you manage and function your internet site. There are 1,000’s plugins, most of which can be free.

Term 4: Sidebar

A sidebar is a segment of your website that usually displays alongside the left or proper aspect of your pages and can see in different places, including the footer. You also can have a couple of sidebars for your site primarily based on the templates you have got.


Term 5: Widgets

Widgets are the individual blocks of content that pass into a sidebar. You can effortlessly add, delete or rearrange Widgets to your sidebars using dragging and dropping in the WordPress admin middle. Many Widgets can also be edited to offer you more control over how the Widgets seem for your web page. Some commonplace examples of Widgets are easy text, current posts, advertising and marketing inclusive of AdSense, and so forth.

Term 6: Pages & Posts

Pages vs. Posts are a chunk puzzling and could have its article. In fashionable, even though you want to apply Pages for any unmarried pages of content material that stay inside the equal vicinity of your site. Pages usually have their navigation in WordPress and are properly for pages like ‘About Us,’ ‘Contact Us,’ etc. You can choose different templates for pages without difficulty, and they may not be classified.

Posts, however, are used while you will be developing multiple entries about a particular subject matter. You can position Posts into diverse Categories. WordPress will then routinely manage to create various Category pages, to list all the Posts in that Category, generally displaying only an Excerpt of the Post and placing the Posts in chronological order. For example, if you had a blog on Hollywood happenings, you’ll use Posts whenever you write new access about some celeb doing something stupid.

Term 7: Admin Center

The Admin Center is where you manage the whole thing, approximately your WordPress website online. To get the right to enter the Admin Center, you will visit a specific URL on the net and enter your username and password. From there, you can add/edit/delete Pages and Posts, control Plugins and Widgets, manage your customers, and lots extra.

Term 8: Permalinks

How your URLs are fashioned is very important to Search Engine Optimization and making your pages more excellent, memorable, and understandable to your visitors. In WordPress, you may easily create Permalinks, a specific structure for your site. Instead of theusinganingless URLURLske yourdomain.Com/?P=eight, you could have yourdomain.Com/my-web page/. You can control the permalinks for every Page and Post in WordPress.

Term 9: Tags

Tags are just like Categories, only they’re less structured. For example, you can have a Post approximately your favored Football group, possibly putting you in a “Sports” category. You could also use tags like ‘Football,’ ‘Cincinnati Bengals,’ and ‘Carson Palmer.’ Using the tags makes it possible to have a listing of Tags for your sidebar in which humans can click on the unique Tags to convey all the Pages and Posts with those special tags. If you’ve got a Search container, then the Tags are also used to retrieve effects for the customer’s precise search.

Term 10: Custom Fields

WordPress consists of a manner to create custom values that you assign to a specific Page or Post. Your Theme or WordPress developer can then use those fields and values to create custom functionality for your website online. For instance, you may need a scoring device for whatever you’re writing approximately. A developer could set upp a custom subject where you enter your score. The machine then takes that information and makes a pretty display characteristic based on your assigned rating. The possibilities are countless with Custom Fields, a powerful feature of WordPress. I desire these terms to assist you in understanding WordPress better and the way it operates. Even when you have an expert helping you along with your WordPress site, you’ll be higher off expertise in some of the primary principles, so you may be on the same web page when communicating with your developer.

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