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Internet Business Service – 20 Tips For Finding Your Ideal

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A perception created by Try Updates’ unscrupulous Internet marketing “Gurus” that anybody can make a fortune by starting an Internet business. It takes wisdom, experience, patience, and persistence to create an income-generating Internet business following a solid business plan, just like any other business in the real world. Well, at least for us ordinary folk! The good news is that being over 50, you have all of these qualities. You can start and maintain a profitable Internet business by enlisting an Internet business service that suits your requirements. Here is how I learned the hard way to find an ideal Internet business service

1. Research

Undoubtedly the backbone of any venture. To become an expert in research, read, learn, and practice everything a good search engine provides. Stick with a market leader and use all they offer; you won’t need anything more. Good search engines provide many excellent and easy-to-use research services that are not well known as they do not, as a rule, market their capabilities aggressively. Go to their home page and read everything they have carefully.

2. Stick to what you know

Good Internet marketers try to enlist you in businesses that “follow the money.” This sounds quite logical, as the Internet provides the means to follow booming market niches. But you are over 50. You are an expert in your area, whether in business or a hobby. You can start all over again ( I have encountered several people over 50 that did), but it will take many years to get to your current level of expertise in a new field. Stick to what you know best and use what you have acquired over many years to dominate a market niche in your area.

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3. Use Established, Credible, and Accountable Companies

There was a time when I mastered searching to the point that I was overwhelmed with information. To cope, I decided to work with established, credible companies with a track record of accountability. Once you have become a good researcher using your choice research engine, you will find companies that can provide services and products suited to your needs. Stick with the ones that meet your needs. No matter how good the deal sounds, do not be tempted to switch to new companies,. A good company will adapt.

4. If it is too good to be true, it is

Not much more to say about this tip. Being over 50 has a significant advantage in spotting unrealistic claims a mile off. Beware of the “amazing easy way to…anything” marketing hype.

5. Beware of “silver tongue” marketing

I still fall into this trap. Some marketers are just so good. They know just how to hook you and reel you in. It is n amazing example of getting almost anybody to part with their money following proven marketing systems. If I follow my first tip above, research, I seldom buy unless it is valuable. Resist the immediate temptation to purchase and do some research. Instead, invest the money you would have spent in your future business.

6. Lots of free offerings? Beware!

Free offerings are always attractive. All you have to do is provide a name and email an email get some great free information. But then you have “opted in” to receive endless amounts of e-mail, semailmpting marketing, and information overload. I must have about 100 000 free e-books saved I never looked at. But to ensure I do not lose out, I…research, of course. And never miss out on the good stuff.

7. Unobtrusive marketing

A good Internet business service will respect your privacy and provide good but low-intensity information dispersed over time. They also leave the decision up to you without pressure and will eventually check with you if you are still interested or stop the process. I like this approach, and research usually shows that these companies are in a class of their own.

8. Two-page website test

Over the years, I have correlated good Internet business offerings with sites with just two pages I need to read. The right Internet business service provider will reveal all their offerings in detail on their home page, including price. The second page is the purchase or buy page. (some sites give the price details here). With a useful home page and research to confirm all the information and claims, it is easy to decide whether to buy into the service.

9. Try then buy and short notice subscription cancellations

A company with confidence in its product will offer a trial period, usually three months, and an opt-out option if the service does not work for you. Some even provide immediate cancellation if you subscribe, and once a company even refunded my advanced payment the same day. Money-back guarantees are not as good as they sound a well-known marketing tactic because people do not bother to claim their money back when the guarantee is available.

10. Solid track record

It takes time to build a good service on the Internet, and of all the tips, this is perhaps the best measure of a company’s worth. Most of the time, the Internet service companies I deal with have been active in their market for at least 8 to 10 years.

11. Good reviews

Good reviews are helpful, but be aware that many companies write their thoughts, and their customers will also write glowing reviews to promote their business as they are coupled with these companies. I have found useful and well-known neutral sites that write balanced reviews helpful.

12. Structured, in-depth training courses

As an over 50 web entrepreneur, I have a hard time keeping up in the area of my expertise, let alone trying to keep up with the ever-changing world of Internet business marketing. My ideal service provider must have easy-to-use, well-written courses I can follow and practical examples and exercises. Different levels and regular updating of content are also a must for me.

13. Good tools to do the complicated work

Statistics drive internet business. Word counts in articles, use of keywords, the density of keywords, what words or phrases people use to search, and much more vital information. Service providers worth their salt has many tools that give you the information you want and make recommendations about what works and what does not. Displaying all relevant information regarding your marketing campaigns in an easy-to-read format is also essential.

14. Active and helpful forum

If a site has an extensive discussion with many active members willing to share their experiences and ready to answer any questions you might have, then you are on to a winner. Lately, I have discovered a productive means of forum activity, and my productivity has improved markedly.

15. Easy to contact

One would think that this is an essential requirement. To my dismay, I have found out that some companies deliberately make it very difficult to communicate with them, especially if you have account problems. A well-known and prominent company I joined on a trial basis has been making money from my account for four months after cancellation, and there is no way I can contact them. Lesson learned.

16. Low-cost entry

Right service providers have many satisfied and loyal customers that ensure fair and steady revenue. As a result, their prices are very reasonable. Paying out a huge amount of money upfront is always a risk and puts one under pressure to get up and running fast; not an option if you want a stable, profitable company that will serve your needs for the long term.

17. Read the fine print

Everybody knows they should, but nobody does. As I have a good grounding in legal matters, I always read the fine print, and a lot can be learned about a company. In any case, I have found that good companies have good, understandable, and uncomplicated terms and agreements.

18. Ask Questions

I ask my questions on formal business social sites. The best ones to join ask for a small monthly fee, but it’s an investment. I have also found sites that provide you with an expert who quotes you for answering your questions, and it was not only reasonably priced, but the answers were just what I needed

19. Trust your instincts

If you have read this far, you must be over 50! Only those over 50 still value that useful information cannot be conveyed in a few sentences. And at 50 and above, one does have the advantage of good instincts. Use them. Listen to them. You will be more often correct, following your instincts than not.

20. Are you in control?

The final test. After you have done your homework, the final test is to ensure that your service provides you with the means to control everything you want to be. Using the above methods, I have finally found the ideal service partners I need to start building a lasting and profitable Internet business. It’s exciting, and now I am confident I will make it. I wish you the same.

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