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How to Move a Piano

Moving a piano is no child’s play. In fact, it is one of the most difficult tasks to do. There are many seasoned, professional movers who actually know how to move a piano and that you should definitely give them a call. However, in case you want to take things in your own hands, here are 8 tips that will help you with moving your piano.


You will need at least four people to get the job done- two for the actual lifting and two for handling the equipment and guiding you along corners and into the moving truck. Call for help of your family and friends because there is no way you can do this task all by yourself.


First, everyone that is helping you with it must wear comfortable clothes and sneakers and avoid any long, dangly jewelry or accessories that can get tangled in the piano. Secondly, rent or purchase heavy-duty straps that will provide a better hold on the piano itself. You’ll also need a furniture dolly that can support the weight of the piano. Straps can also be used to secure the piano to the dolly and in the moving truck.


The keys of a piano are fragile which is why it is important that you close and lock the keyboard lid. Furthermore, if possible, it is best to take the legs apart and move them separately.


Have a thick blanket or padding wrapped around the keyboard such that the corners are protected. If your lid doesn’t lock, secure it by taping a blanket over it. Make sure that the blanket or padding is thick enough that it’ll keep the piano protected from any bumps it might incur; otherwise, it may cause a serious damage to the keys of the piano.


You will need some heavy duty furniture straps, which are used for safer as well as easier lifting and carrying, and two furniture dollies for rolling the piano on flat surfaces. Even if your piano has metal casters, do not even think about rolling it on them for more than a few inches. They are delicate and will never hold the piano’s weight as stable as moving dollies.


Balance is everything. It reduces the chance of any interior damage. With each person on lifting duty holding on to one side of the piano and a furniture dolly under either side, roll the piano as gently as possible to the moving truck. It would be better to hire professional assistance. However, if you do not want to do so, go over the bumps slowly, one set of wheels at a time and when it’s time to roll the piano up the ramp, the left (bass keys) side should be first to board as it is a tad heavier.


The best and safest place for the piano is as deep inside the truck as possible, so it should be one of the first items to be loaded next to the back wall—the wall that separates the truck’s interior cab from the cargo space. Use as many boxes around the piano to support it and tuck miscellaneous items around it to keep it snug. You don’t want the piano to move at all during the drive, so plan in advance to make sure you have enough items securing the piano in place.


Choose the spot where you would want to place the piano in your new home before you roll it off the truck. It is also important that you tune the piano whenever you move it and for that you will need a professional tuner who will make the music perfect again.

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