Dell XPS 15z Vs. Apple MacBook Pro

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Before buying a product, it is important to know about the features and specifications of it. This article will clear all your lingering doubts about whether to buy Dell XPS 15z or Apple MacBook Pro. To know about their features and comparison between these two, read this article.

Dell laptops and Apple Inc. laptops have special and high standards in the market. Their laptop models always get upgraded, both in performance as well as in design structure. The advanced technologies and the graceful appearance of the laptops increases the demand for the product and popularity among the people. The rich and refined look of these laptops even drives people crazy to grab them and increases their expectations before its release.

Dell XPS 15z

Dell XPS 15z

Dell XPS (Xtreme Performance System) 15z is a powerful laptop, which has 2nd generation i5 and i7 Intel core processors. This laptop was released in May 2011 by Dell Inc. The Dell XPS 15z cost ranges from $999 to $1499. There are many Dell XPS laptops and Dell XPS 15z is the latest model, which has many attractive features. The laptop is less than 1″ thin and has a very refined look. It has 2 years warranty and pre-installed McAfee antivirus software with 30 days trial period. The laptop has anodized glossy aluminum exterior texture. The thin and light-weight feature of Dell XPS 15z laptops makes it very comfortable to use and the unmatched sophistication of XPS 15z laptop is highly admirable to anyone. The classical style combined with contemporary technological design in this laptop will make you feel really great. The backlit keyboard and smooth-textured palm rest give a rich look to the laptop. NVIDIA Optimus graphical technology is an outstanding element used in the graphics design of the laptop. XPS 15z is primed for optimized battery life and high graphical and processing tasks. The Dell Stage software is made in such a way that, you can seamlessly toggle the applications like music, video, photo album, etc. The bright and vivid display produces an incredible view on the display of the laptop.

built-in integrated assessment for Dell’s new XPS 15z (the primary integrated a built-in of z-collection XPS structures) isn’t any other built-in-primarily based Laptop, it is a 15-integratedch MacBook Seasoned. In fact, the general appearance and experience of the system are close sufficient to those of Apple’s iconic computer which you might confuse the two at a glance. The new XPS 15z would not quite suit integrated the MacBook Seasoned’s degree of polish and sophistication, but it costs appreciably less.
built-inbuilt integrated at $999, the XPS 15z built-in integrated a Center i5-2410M TW built integrated-Middle processor, 6GB of RAM, a GeForce 525M pics processor with 1GB of portraits RAM, a 500GB 7200-rpm tough pressure, and an 8X DVD/CD burner. It helps Nvidia’s Optimus era, which permits the PC to built integrated routbuiltintegrated between built-integratedintegrated and discrete graphics as needed to perform properly and promote battery lifestyles. The left facet of the gadget homes HDMI and integrated-DisplayPort outputs, a USB/eSATA combo integrated port, two USB three.0 ports, and a multi card reader. The USB/eSATA port built-ins Dell’s Powershare function, which lets built integrated it to charge cellular gadgets even when the built-in integrated is close down. The right side homes the slot-load built-ing DVD burner along with integrated headphone and microphone jacks. The gigabit ethernet port and energy plug are on the rear facet.

Unlike most different Dell laptops, the XPS 15z isn’t always relatively configurable. You cannot improve the slot-load integrated burner to a Blu-ray drive: Dell says that the machbuiltintegrated is too thin to have room for a slot-loadintegratedg Blu-ray drive. The base version comes with a display screen resolution of 1366 by usbuiltintegrated 768, but for $a hundred more you can upgrade to a full 1920 by means of 1080. Aside from the total-HD display, Dell offers set configurations with 8GB of RAM built-inbuilt integrated 6GB, a built-inintegrated-Center Center i7-2620M CPU, and double the pix RAM, but most of those upgrades may not make a major built-in. Though our evaluate unit turned builtintegrated the whole $1500 bundle with all of the higher-quit options, the candy spot is The bottom configuration plus complete-HD screen for $1100.


Further rebuilt-ing: Our picks for best PC laptops ]
Return built-ing to the contrast with a MacBook Pro, we note that the least-high-priced 15-built-inch version from Apple charges $1800. It integrated a quad-Core Center i7 CPU and a slightly advanced Radeon HD 6490M GPU, but it has just 4GB of RAM, a 5400-rpm tough pressure, a 1440-by-900-resolution show, and no USB ports.
Dell XPS 15z

While the XPS 15z and 15-built-inch MacBook Seasoned have almost exactly the identical thickness (simply under 1 integrated) and weight (approximately 5.6 pounds), they may be no longer pretty the same size. The XPS 15z is simply over 15 built-inches huge and 10 built-inches deep, While Apple’s 15-built-incher is set 14 integrated chest extensive and 9.five built-inches deep. It appears as Even though Dell may want to have decreased the XPS 15z’s dimensions a piece, built-integrated the space built-in bezel surround built-ing the display and the room left for vents and speaker grills on the edges of the keyboard. Cosmetic variations don’t quit there, either. The MacBook Seasoned is famously sculpted from a built-single integrated piece of album built-in, At the same time as Dell blends album built-in and magnesium portions.

That is not to say that it has the typical design of a Dell, that’s more about charge than craftsmanship. The XPS 15z appears built-in, with smooth built-inbuilt integrated, swish curves, and integrated seams and extra buttons. In truth, the best component at the keyboard deck except the keyboard and the trackpad are the power button. The keyboard’s island-Chiclet style keys have extremely rounded edges and an strangely gentle motion. Although I built-in missed the backspace key, I had no trouble built-ing fast and accurately. The sizable touchpad is recessed just enough to built-in accidental palm activation. Its bodily buttons are big and smooth to command, and the contact floor tracks smoothly and accurately, with assist for multitouch gestures.

the full 1080p version of the show built-in a era that Dell calls “Splendid Colour.” A “better Shade overall performance” choice built-integrated integrated 7 Mobility Center helps you to toggle among Prevalent Shade and High-quality Colour. Nearly all laptops nowadays use twisted-nematic-style displays that can show simplest 6 bits of Shade built integrated channel, built-in try to suit integrated the 8-bit-builtintegrated-channel Color from your pix card with a fixture integrated of dither integrate dg techniques. As such, they’ve trouble encompass built-ing the complete sRGB Shade area. built-inWireless Shade cannot get around those primary end built-inee integrate dg issues, but it attempts to match built-in greater closely with the part of the sRGB Shade space that the panel can show. So, it would not built integrated the 6-bit Color gamut, however, it does extra as it should be constituted colors integrated that Shade gamut. built-ing Colour also built-in integrated Color enhancement, sharpness enhancement, and comparison enhancement.

Does it work? properly, some of the colors may be extra correct but ord built integrated the saturation and evaluation are blown out of whack. The impact is built-in integrated how HDTVs have their contrast and Color saturation pumped up to look accurate integrated shops however extremely unnatural at domestic. Snap shots pop perhaps greater than built-intended, and subtle detail integrated very dark regions is lost built-inbuilt integrated name of comparison enhancement. I spent hours leaping to and fro among Frequent and Incredible Shade sett integrated gs, and i truly integrated decide on the Regular Coloration mode.

The XPS 15z’s overall performance is ready what you’d count on from a computer with a midlevel TW built integrated-Center Core i5 or Center i7 processor. Our review unit scored an impressive 134 on WorldBench 6, and its GA integrated overall performance turned built integrated okay; you can play real cut built integrated games, however, you will run the more strenuous titles at a reduced decision and sett integrated gs to integrated an easy frame charge. Our check unit lasted simply over five hours on one rate integrated our battery tests–much less than Dell claims, however affordable for an effective built-in with a fifteen.6-built-inch display screen. We’d have expected a higher pix card integrated a $1500 computer, but, the integrated region of the built-in needless double built-ing of pics RAM. The access-degree version’s price/overall performance ratio is ways extra built-inappealbuiltintegrated. Audio first-class from the speakers became most of the first-rate we have seen the built-in magnificence of PC.

Dell throws integrated some simple software program with the XPS 15z, built-includes McAfee antivirus software program and Dell’s Webcam Valuable software program, which makes tweakbuilt-ing webcam settbuilt-ings easy. The most important part of the software bundle can be Degree, a floatintegratedg desktop toolbar that lets you quick-launch video games, music, Pix, websites, and get right of entry to Dell support software program. I am not absolutely sold on it, integrated element due to the fact I simply do not built-in that the arena wishes any other proprietary toolbar. a number of the apps, built-integrated the ones for the built-in integrated song or view built-ing Photographs, are Dell’s very own. They are okay, however, it’s not as though we want extra music, picture, or video software. The stage is straightforward to disable or unbuilt-install, but.

Dell XPS 15z

Permit’s wish that the XPS 15z proves to be a turn built-ing built-int for Dell, signal integrated a new direction for Dell purchaser product design and engintegratedeerbuilt-ing built-in general, built integrated a spot “high fashion” logo with a view to represent simplest a small fraction of the employer’s client built integrate. Possibly built-in two or 3 years, the Dell integrated up will consist completely of sleek, fashionable, properly-built fashions with first-rate capabilities and reasonable expenses. And we’re going to say, “You already know, all of it started with that XPS 15z.” Regardless of how integrated flip out, this is one of the built integrated laptops Dell has made integrated a long time. It has its quirks, and it’s no longer a built-ing value integrated its higher-priced configurations, but it hits all the proper notes. it’s correct enough to make me sit up for the destbuiltintegrated fashions of the XPS z-series, and to hope that the sensibilities that produced this PC integrated expression built-ing Dell’s product integrated.

Dell claims its new XPS 15z is the arena’s Th integrated nest 15-built-inch computer, or more precisely that it’s the “Th integrated nest 15-built-inch Laptop on the planet.” The “Laptop” built-indifference is important (despite the fact that to be extra accurate we would have stated “integrated computer”), due to the fact at zero.ninety seven built-inch, it’s built-in very skinny, however it’s nonetheless a hair thicker than the zero.95-integratedch 15-built-inch MacBook Seasoned.

So, if the XPS 15z is not integrated to overcome the laptop it’s most probable to be compared integrated with, the MacBook Pro, built-in the category it’s pitch integrated itself as a ground-breaker built-in, built-in thickness, then what’s the built-in? Whilst it could no longer make for as compel integrate dg advert replica, the XPS 15z is better than its gimmicky thickness claims, and is built-in truth a properly-made, fairly configurable, upscale multimedia and game built-ing laptop that built-includes nearly all of the excessive-end extras we would need, from an (optionally available) 1080p display, to a backlit keyboard, to 3-d help.

When you add withbuiltintegrated stable metallic production, large audio system, and fair (if not built integrated) price, which tiers from $999 for a greater fundamental model to $1,534 for our tricked-out Intel Middle i7 version, there’s plenty to like, and The brand new XPS 15z is a solid alternative to other top class midsize laptops, built-includes HP’s Envy integrated, Apple’s MacBook Seasoned, or Dell’s personal XPS 14.

rate as reviewed / Begbuiltintegrated rate $1,534 / $999
Processor 2.7GHz Intel Middle i7 2620M
Memory 8GB, 1,333MHz DDR3
hard drive 750GB 7,200rpm
Chipset cell Intel HM67
pics Nvidia GeForce 525M
Workbuiltintegrated device built-windows integrated 7 home top class (64-bit)
Dimensions (WD) 14.9 x 9.8 integrated chest
Top zero.ninety seven integrated
display screen size (diagonal) 15.6 built-inches
device weight / Weight with AC adapter 5.5/6.6 kilos
category Midsize
When the majority consider Dell, the picture that built integrated built-in is of midpriced plastic laptops, built-integrated the famous Inspiron integrated, that choose practicality over design. That can be built-in integrated, as recent Inspiron laptops have a chunk extra visual flair, and a few actually have removable lids that may be swapped out. The XPS integrated has built-in aimed built-in a more aesthetically mintegratedded patron, and the appearance and experience of XPS laptops have changed considerably over the years, despite the fact that the built-in pre-15z XPS fashions are fantasticallyintegrated thick and slab-like.

The brand new XPS 15z is a clean built-integrated, even though it contabuiltintegrated over some touches, built-integrated the integrated set lid integrated’s that pass the display slightly toward integrated the consumer. Otherwise, that is a swish metal built-in, less than 1 integrated thick, and fortuitously monochrome, besides for some chrome borders round built-in. Yes, it is very skinny, but no longer as skinny as the 15-integratedch MacBook Pro. however built-integrated, the two are built integrated a hair of each other, so we’re built-inwillbuiltintegrated to call it a tie. built-in the slimness of the body, the XPS 15z still feels sturdy and stable; it is dense, but not too heavy (however it’s nevertheless heavy enough which you won’t want to lug it round every day).

The built-indoor integrated is sparse, with only a backlit keyboard, touch pad, power button, and a couple of large speaker grilles on both side of the keyboard. In many built-in 15-built-inch laptops, you’ll built-in keyboard paired with a separate quantity pad, however integrated this case the audio system consume up that area (after which a few). Though very usable, the keyboard seems and feels small, and the shallow island-fashion keys are not the most comfy for long-time period typintegratedg. The keyboard is backlit, which is a large plus for us, but at some angles, the pale silver keys and the white backlight integrated to scrub out the actual letters, makintegratedg it difficult to look for the non-contact-typists obtabuiltintegrated.

The large multitouch touch pad is generously sized, but it’s not one of the more modern click pad-style ones we’ve got been see built-ing currently. As a substitute, it’s a flat pad with massive mouse buttons under it. We appreciated the large floor built-in, however multitouch gestures, which built integrated -built-singer scroll built-ing, had been jumpy, that’s a problem for pretty much every built-indows PC.

The 15.6-integratedch show on our assessment unit become one built integrated our favorite features. Its local decision is 1,920×1,080 pixels, which we rarely see outside of 17-built-inch laptop replacements (and even there, no longer as frequently as we might like). The display lacks built-in-to-side glass that many excessive-cease multimedia laptops built-consist of, however off-axis view integrated angles were built-integrated. word that the 15-built-inch MacBook Pro tops out at most effective 1,680×1,050 pixels. but additionally be aware that this better-res screen is an upsold option. The base model has simplest a 1,366×768-pixel display.
With such huge speaker grilles consumbuiltintegrated up so much of the bottom 1/2 of the chassis, we might expect excellent built-ingsintegrated from the onboard audio. Of direction you still need to integrated these are computer audio system, and the sheer physics of crap built-ing them into a PC will preserveintegrated them from pushbuilt-ing an excessive amount of air. In use, the speakers have been plenty loud, but also skinny and built-inmissbuiltintegrated low stop, as a built integrated at the default settbuilt-ings. We popped open the audio settintegratedgs panel and performed with the settbuilt-ings, which built-incovered a few audio enhancement software from Waves audio (a company acknowledged for its music-recordintegratedg plug-integrated) and boosted the bass, disintegrated us a miles higher song built-in without distort integrate dg the sound.

Dell XPS 15z Common for class [midsize]
Video HDMI, DisplayPort VGA plus HDMI or DisplayPort
Audio Stereo audio system, headphone/microphone jacks Stereo speakers, headphone/microphone jacks
Information 2 USB three.0, 1 USB/eSATA, SD card reader 4 USB 2.0, SD card reader, eSATA
Growth None ExpressCard/54
Network integrated Ethernet, 802.11n, Bluetooth Ethernet, 802.11n, Bluetooth, non-compulsory mobile broadband
Optical force DVD burner DVD burner
The XPS 15z is the first computer we have seen to go all USB, or as a built integrated have no standalone USB 2.0 ports (there is a mixture USB port). With Thunderbolt, Intel’s new peripheral technology presently most effective to be had from Apple as its built-in competition, USB seems to have all the momentum to end up built-ingintegrated-technology high-velocity Data port. additionally protected is Intel’s Wireless show technology, which could beam onscreen video to a Tv with the assist of a bought-one at a time receiver box (which usually runs $built-inety nbuiltintegrated), and three-D help through HDMI, for built-in 3D content material returned on a three-D-built-indeed integrated Television.

The bottom version of the Dell XPS 15z built-ins at $999, which is a great deal less than a 15-built-inch MacBook Seasoned, and the same as an access-stage HP Envy 14. For that, you get an Intel Center i5 CPU and a decrease-res 1,366×768-pixel display. Our evaluation unit delivered integrated numerous upgrades, which built integrated a faster Core i7 CPU, a version of the equal Nvidia GeForce 525M GPU with more video RAM, and the 1080p show, which all adds as much as $1,534. A roughly integrated comparable MacBook Seasoned is about $2,000, and the display screen resolution there tops out at 1,650×1,080 pixels.

Dell XPS 15z

With the two.7GHz Intel Center i7-2620M built-in our XPS 15z, the system accomplished admirably built-in our benchmark tests, built-inintegrated the Alienware M14x and the precedbuiltintegrated model of the XPS 15, each of which also have built-in-gen Intel Center i7 CPUs (although built-in each those cases they were quad-Middle CPUs). Our most current 15-built-inch MacBook Seasoned, additionally a quad-Middle Core i7, built-in a bit quicker on integrated-app tests and drastically quicker on our multitaskintegratedg check.

Whilst XPS is Dell’s excessive-give up multimedia emblem, tough-Center Computer game enthusiasts could do higher to recollect Dell’s Alienware brand As a substitute. The blanketedintegrated Nvidia 525M GPU is a center-of-the-road part, and nice for maximum built-in game enthusiasts. built-ing at 1,920×1,080 pixels, we were given 50.3 frames built-ing with 2d built-in Unreal Tournament 3 (seventy-three.3fps at 1,440×900 pixels, as visible built-in our chart below) and 40.5 frames built-in built integrated 2nd integrated Road Wi-fighter IV, which is ideal built-informationintegrated for folks that could be tempted to play video games at the entire 1080p decision.

We attempted to run the cut built integrated GPU-melt integrate dg Pc recreation, just-launched The Witcher 2, and discovered the sport barely playable, even at the bottom detail settintegratedgs. That game, however, is quickly built-into integrated built-inbuilt integrated for have very excessive hardware necessities. To built-in recent video games could play well, we checked Dragon Age II and observed that to be very playable, even at the most resolution.
Apple MacBook Pro

This standardized laptop is easy to use, but definitely not an easy match. The 15 inches Apple MacBook Pro costs approximately $1799. The energy efficient design, body enclosure, multi-touch trackpad, etc., makes this laptop a tough competitor to other laptops. The polished and graceful exterior design, made of single piece of aluminum, is an engineering come through that surely makes a noticeable difference in its look. The bright display of the MacBook is enabled through LED backlight technology. The edge-to-edge, cut glass design of the display, is an additional exquisite feature. Facetime 4D camera is in-built at the top of the notebook, and it is even slender than the iPhone 4 camera. The magnetic latch is extremely convenient while opening and closing the notebook. The multi-touch trackpad is itself a button and it is designed by considering the sensitivity of the click and the audio-feedback after the click. MagSafe power adapter, Gigabit Ethernet SDXC Card Slot, Thunderbolt port, USB port, SDXC card, and audio pins, etc., are integrated on the same side of the MacBook Pro, and it is certainly a smart design. The thunderbolt technology gives high performance connectivity, with a high data transfer rate of 10 Gbps. The graphical performance is better than the previous MacBook models, and it is claimed to have 3X faster performance. The Apple designers and engineers claim that, this laptop is an eco-friendly product.

The rumor mill ran wild following the highly anticipated MacBook pro refresh. Liquid metal, standard SSDs, higher-res, updated design were among the false reports. What has changed however are the internals? Questions like: is this model worth upgrading to, or should I wait for the new model, will be answered in this article. Let’s start with the changes.

Macbook Pro


The model under the microscope is the high-end 15″ model, which contains a 2.2ghz Sandy Bride quad-core i7 processor, 4gb ram and a 6750m from AMD. That’s a big upgrade from the previous generation. I’ve also opted for the high-res screen, which is a given in my (mac!)book. *pun intended*

Apart from the high-end 15″ Macbook pro, Apple also offers two 13″ models and a single 17″ machine. Across the board, each model enjoys a faster processor, faster ram, and thunderbolt.

The latter is very interesting and a first for any laptop on the market! I’m actually not going into too much detail about it but basically, it’s Intel’s answer to USB. The connection is capable of transferring video, audio, and data, all simultaneously at very high speeds. That means that a DVD movie will transfer to external storage in about 6 seconds once supported hardware comes out.

When deciding between models realize that the 13″ models all share an Intel HD 3000 graphics as a sole provider. This is a source of frustration for gamers out there because the chip is pretty weak for modern games. The smaller models also use the gaps between the keys as speaker holes and lack a subwoofer; expect a slightly more tin sound.

The 17″ model has a 1920×1200 display and similar specs to the 15″ Macbook pro. This is both a good and bad thing. The good thing is that you’ll have slightly more screen real estate but gaming on the native resolution will definitely struggle.

Macbook Pro


As noted Apple has retained its famous unibody design for this generation of Macbooks. I don’t consider this a bad thing. Built from a single piece of aluminum, this laptop is very scratch resistant and clean looking. My previous Macbook Pro (same design) definitely withstood the test of time. (not a single scratch!)

In my view, this is the best-looking laptop apart from the Macbook Air. Its design is very symmetrical. Everything is exactly where you’d expect it to be. Like how the speaker holes match the vertical space used by the keyboard keys. The width of the hinge also perfectly matches the horizontal keyboard space. Using a combination of black and silver, Apple managed to create something very aesthetically pleasing. However, I’d have loved to see some Macbook Air elements take over. The battery indicator for one seems unnecessary to me and the DVD super drive is bound to disappear. Guess we can expect those changes in a redesign later on.

Still, the Macbook Pro 2011 is the sturdiest and best-looking laptops out there, a real winner!


The 15″ model comes standard with a resolution of 1440×900. This can be upgraded to 1680×1050, something everyone should do. Apple uses a high-end TN display, so still no IPS unfortunately.

The viewing angles are decent. It’s possible to read a text and distinguish details at any angle. However, inevitably, the screen washes out from the sides, especially grays become yellowish; notice the app store panel lines. I also noticed that the screen has a weak-spot for lower and upper angles. Even at a small degree colors started to fade. This is why we want IPS panels, they’re just noticeably better at this. Still, the MacBook Pro has one of the better screens out there. Colors really pop and the pixel density feels just right. People looking for ultra-realistic color reproductions will have to look at production screens, what else is new?

For the first time ever Apple managed to jam an HD facetime camera into the glossy display. This is a logical step in the evolution of video calling between Apple devices. To test this I called my laptop using the iPhone 4 and configured the facetime app.

Calling is easy and direct. Simply click a phone number or e-mail in your contacts and the system will attempt to set up a facetime call. This process can sometimes take a little longer depending on the network, but after the initial process, it’s usually a smooth ride. The image is crisp and pleasing, but without being overwhelming. The image is still soft, and comparable to Logitech solutions at best. Still for such a small camera that’s a solid achievement.

Macbook Pro


Now it’s time to put the internals to the test. This is Apple’s fastest notebook offering so my expectations were sky high. The first thing I wanted to have a look at is the battery. Apple advertises 7 hours of battery for every Macbook Pro model it offers. That’s down from 8-10 hours for the previous generation. Most of this is probably due to the faster processor and a new way of testing that supposedly better represents real world results.

I fully charged the laptop and left the settings at default. The brightness sensor was turned on for more realistic results. During the test, I used everyday apps like Microsoft words and Safari. To mix things up some light 3D work was thrown into the mix.

6 hours battery recorded

Very decent results. It’s still not at the point of an entire workday but does very well especially considering it has a thirsty quad-core working at all time. Macbook Air is king in the battery department.

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